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1121-22-8 Inquiry


42882-31-5 Inquiry

1,2-Ethanedione, 1-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-

56159-70-7 Inquiry


18621-17-5 Inquiry


71360-31-1 Inquiry

2-Cyclohexylmandelic acid

4335-77-7 Inquiry

3-Dimethylamino-2-methylpropyl chloride hydrochloride

4261-67-0 Inquiry

3-Dimethylaminopropylchloride hydrochloride

5407-04-5 Inquiry


21835-01-8 Inquiry

4-(3-Oxobutyl)phenyl acetate

3572-06-3 Inquiry
Company Profile
About ArranArran Chemical Company is an independent fine chemical company located near Athlone, Ireland, about two hours by car west of Dublin Airport. We manufacture products for pharmaceutical and health care, personal care, and other specialised chemical and industrial applications. The manufacturing programme is supported by a strong process development capability and well equipped laboratories on the same site. Arran is a member of PharmaChemical Ireland (the Irish pharmaceutical and chemical trade association), SOCMA and of the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG).Apart from our regular Product Range, Arran is actively engaged in toll manufacture/custom synthesis, and we invite your enquiries on a confidential basis. RegulatoryArran is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards, has a Safety Management System in place, and adheres to the Responsible Care Programme. The facility and systems are regularly audited by customers and by the various regulatory authorities, and your inspection/visit is welcomed. Chemistry and Technology Apart from our core competence in the standard unit operations of organic chemical synthesis, we offer specialised reaction technology, including innovative organometallic synthesis, catalytic transfer hydrogenation and the various operations required for synthesis of chiral compounds. Our plant is equipped for solids and liquid handling, with a working temperature range from -50°C to +200°C, with low pressure (vacuum) distillation among other options. With labs, kilo lab, pilot plant and full scale commercial plant on the same site, we can offer product to our customers in quantities from grams to tons! Product Range Arran's manufacturing range includes products for diverse industrial applications, and features a range of alkylamines, pharmaceutical intermediates, flavour & fragrance and other personal care products, organometallics and other specialties. Specialised products including those with applications in Chiral Chemistry, and development products, are also featured. Chiral Chemistry Arran has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing specialised chiral amines and other chiral synthons, which are used as resolving agents or intermediates in pharmaceutical synthesis, and our growing list of chiral diamines can offer key building blocks for development of new chiral ligands and catalysts. Manufacturing technology includes sophisticated methods of resolution, chiral pool synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and a combination of these approaches. See Chiral Products and Chiral Products in Development. Process Development Services Arran has an excellent record of achievement in the process development and scale up of new molecules, particularly in chiral chemistry, but also in other fields. This strong technological capability is supported by an integrated system of labs, kilo lab and pilot plant with full supporting services. We have had many successful collaborations with discovery chemists in industry and academia, adapting and optimising small-scale lab synthesis or even "paper chemistry" outlines to robust, efficient processes, which can be scaled up. We believe a key differentiator in our approach is our integration of process chemistry and chemical engineering design skills, at kilo lab and pilot plant stage, taking into account the various economic, safety and environmental factors, which facilitates later scaleup. We invite your enquiries on a confidential basis.Small Lots/Start Up QuantitiesIn addition to our regular process plant, we also have a well organised kilo scale manufacturing unit, from which we can offer small lots of specialised chemical substances, as well as "start up quantities" for R&D and new synthetic processes.
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