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For waterproofing fabrics, cement, stucco, explosives; as a releasing agent for plastic molding powders; as a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride resins; lubricant; in pencils and wax crayons.Food grade calcium stearate, derived from edible tallow, is used as a conditioning agent in certain food and pharmaceutical products.

Suppliers of Calciumstearate

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Suppliers of Zinc Stearate

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Anhydrous Lanolin

Emulsifier. Antifoaming agent. Rust inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitor. Pharmaceutical additives. Cosmetic preparation. Gas chromatographic fixative (maximum use temperature 200℃, solvent is chloroform), separation and analysis of non-polar compounds, ethanol, aromatic and heterocyclic compounds and volatile oil.

Isopropyl myristate

In cosmetic and topical medicinal Preparations where good absorption through the skin is desired.A jellied isopropyl myristate was marketed as Estergel (Merck & Co.) .


used as antifoaming and surface active agent. As its sulfo – succinate derivative it is used in anti-dandruff shampoos

Suppliers of Undecenoicacid

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In the manufacture of textile softeners.


In the manufacture of liqueurs.Plays an important part in the formulation of raspberry, gooseberry, grape, cherry, apricot, currant, bourbon, and other artificial essences.

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Glyceryl Monooleate

Monoglycerides fatty acid esters 93% 1-Oleoyl, 7% 2-oleoyl. glyceryl oleate is an emollient and stabilizer derived from olive oil. It is a water-in-oil emulsifier that allows for softer emulsions than glyceryl stearate. Glyceryl Monooleate is a flavoring agent that is prepared by esterification of commercial oleic acid that is derived either from edible sources or from tall oil fatty acids. It contains and glyceryl esters of fatty acids present in commercial oleic acid. The ingredient is also used as an adjuvant and as a solvent and vehicle.

Sodium oleate

preparation of Turkey red oil, soft soap and other oleates; in polishing Compounds; waterproofing textiles, oiling wool; manufacture of driers; thickening lubricating oils.Pharmaceutic aid (solvent).The barium salt in rodent extermination.

Suppliers of Sodium oleate

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In vanishing creams, in waterproofing cements.


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Lipids, also known as lipids, are the general term for fats and lipids. They are insoluble in water but easily soluble in non-polar organic solvents such as fatty solvents (alcohol, ether, chloroform, benzene). and important organic compounds that can be utilized by the body. They cover a wide range, and there are many ways to classify them. It is usually divided into simple, complex, derived and unsaponifiable lipids (mainly terpenoids and steroids) according to its main components.
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