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Benzaldehyde is an important raw material for the medicine, dye, perfume and resin industries, and can also be used as a solvent, plasticizer, and low-temperature lubricant. In the flavor industry, it is mainly used to prepare food flavors, and a small amount is used in daily chemical flavors and tobacco flavors. Although it is widely used as a commercial food seasoning and industrial solvent, the main use of benzyl alcohol is to synthesize a variety of other compounds from pharmaceuticals to plastic additives. Benzyl alcohol is also an important intermediate in the production of perfumes, fragrances and the synthesis of certain aniline dyes. The synthesis of mandelic acid uses benzaldehyde as the initial reagent: hydrocyanic acid first reacts with benzaldehyde, and the product mandelonitrile is subsequently hydrolyzed to obtain racemic mandelic acid. Glaciologists LaChepelle and Stillman reported in 1966 that benzaldehyde and heptanal inhibit the crystallization of ice, thereby preventing the formation of thick frost (DepthHoar). This treatment can prevent avalanches caused by unstable snow layers. However, this compound destroys vegetation and pollutes water sources and has not been widely used for this purpose.

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It is the main spice for blending hawthorn floral fragrance. It can also be used in floral fragrances such as lilac, orchid, sunflower, acacia, mimosa, acacia, magnolia, vanilla, sweet bean flower, and non-floral fragrances such as new mowing grass, fragrant weed, aldehyde fragrance. It can also be used in heavy woody fragrances such as sandalwood. Also used in soap flavors. Use its sweetness and flavor in food. The product has a long-lasting hawthorn aroma. It is used as the main spice in the essence of hawthorn, sunflower and lilac; in the flavor of lily of the valley; as a modifier in the flavor of osmanthus, and can also be used in daily flavor and food flavor. This product is a edible spice that is temporarily permitted by my country's GB2760-86. It is mainly used to prepare vanilla, spice, apricot, cream, anise, caramel, cherry, chocolate, walnut, raspberry, strawberry, mint and other flavors. It works well with essential oils such as tangerines. As an excellent brightener for cyanide-free zinc plating DE additives, it can increase the anodic polarization in a wide current range and obtain a bright coating, creating favorable conditions for environmental protection. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture antimicrobial drugs, amoxicillin, etc., and is an intermediate of antihistamine drugs. Used in the preparation of spices and organic synthesis

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Glyoxal is an organic compound with the chemical formula OCHCHO. It is a yellow-colored liquid that evaporates to give a green-colored gas. Glyoxal is the smallest dialdehyde (two aldehyde groups). Its structure is more complicated than typically represented because the molecule hydrates and oligomerizes. It is produced industrially as a precursor to many products.

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Used in organic synthesis. 1. Synthesis of intermediates for the treatment of moderate to mild Alzheimer’s disease donepezil hydrochloride 2. For basic organic synthesis raw materials Preparation of pyridine-containing polymer (glass beads) for enzyme embedding; used as organic synthesis reagent


4-Imidazolecarboxaldehyde is a 4-formyl derivative of imidazole used in the preparation of C17,20-lyase inhibitor for the treatemnet of androgen-dependent prostate cancer. 4-Imidazolecarboxaldehyde is also used in the synthesis of other biologically active compounds such as antimalarial drugs.


Mainly used in printing and dyeing industry as discharge agent, color discharge agent, reducing agent and activator of styrene butadiene rubber and synthetic resin, also used for decolorization and bleaching of some organic substances (such as: synthetic rubber, sugar, food industry bleaching) Agent), can be used instead of insurance powder under certain specific conditions.

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2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid is a derivative of furan. The organic compound was first obtained by Fittig and Heinzelmann in 1876. 2,5-Furandicarboxylic acid is a chemical intermediate with strong sensitivity and good stability. It is soluble in water under alkaline conditions, and is a white powdery solid under acidic conditions. It is an important monomer for preparing corrosion-resistant plastics. Irritating to eyes, respiratory tract and skin.


Acrolein is used in the synthesis of acrylic acid.

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In perfumery; manufacture of artificial resins; reaction medium for Grignard and Reppe reactions. Methylal is a valuable extraction solvent for pharmaceutical products and a stable, inexpensive solvent for Grignard reactions. Methylal is stable under alkaline and mild acidic conditions.


M-Chlorobenzaldehyde is an intermediate of the plant growth regulator indole. Used as medicine and dye intermediates. Mitejing, a pesticide produced with o-chlorobenzaldehyde, can control mites on dry crops and fruit trees. O-chlorobenzaldehyde oximation can give o-chlorobenzoxime, and further chlorination can get o-chlorobenzoxime, both of which are pharmaceutical intermediates. Used as dyes, pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates; used as dye intermediates, and also used in organic synthesis; o-chlorobenzaldehyde, also known as 2-chlorobenzaldehyde, is the raw material for the synthesis of the acaricide tetramazine, and can also be used to synthesize another A new species of acaricide flutenzine (flutenzine) can also be used as medicine and dye intermediates. Important pharmaceutical, fuel and pesticide intermediates. In medicine, it is mainly used to synthesize oxacillin (Cloxacillin). Zinc plating brightener, mainly used in the manufacture of o-chlorobenzyl hippocampus, o-chlorobenzyl hippocampus chloride and chlorfenacillin sodium as the main raw material for pharmaceuticals. It is also widely used in pesticides to produce high-efficiency acaricides and mites raw material. Determination of sorbitol. Preparation of triphenylmethane. Dye intermediates.
An aldehyde is a compound in which a hydrocarbon group (or hydrogen atom) is connected to an aldehyde group. Aldehydes can be divided into fatty aldehydes and aromatic aldehydes, monoaldehydes and dialdehydes. Aldehydes are mainly strongly reducing, and their oxidizing properties are average. Aldehyde groups are relatively lively and can undergo addition and condensation reactions.
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