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1. Bird repellant, irritant
2. A precursor for dye formation

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Used as dye intermediates and agricultural seed dressing agents. Tetrachlorobenzoquinone can be reduced with sulfur dioxide at room temperature to obtain tetrachlorohydroquinone, which is an intermediate of pesticides and polymer compounds. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used in the production of anti-malignant drug iminoquinone and anti-aldosterone drug spironolactone. Used as dye, medicine and pesticide intermediate; used as dye, medicine and pesticide intermediate; used as dye intermediate and agricultural seed dressing agent. Used for the detection of primary and secondary amines.

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Oxidizing agent; in photography; manufacture of dyes; manufacture of hydroquinone; tanning hides; making gelatin insoluble; strengthening animal fibers; as reagent.
Intermediates of dyes and medicines. Manufacture of hydroquinone and rubber antioxidants, acrylonitrile and vinyl acetate polymerization initiators and oxidants. Used in the preparation of hydroquinone, used as dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber anti-aging agents, polymerization inhibitors, antioxidants, developers, etc.; used as oxidants, and also used in organic synthesis; used as quasseline, pyridine, nitrogen Qualitative verification of tyrosine, tyrosine and hydroquinone. Used for determination of amino acids in analysis. The 99% and 99.5% high purity grades are used for the photometric determination of amines. Dienophile used in Diels-Alder cycloaddition to form naphthoquinones and 1,4-phenanthrene dione

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Analog of antimalarial hydroxynaphthoquinones; tert-butyl derivative of Parvaquone. Antiprotozoal (Theileria) Buparvaquinone can treat cattle Tyler's disease and is currently the most effective drug for the treatment of cattle Tyler's disease

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Quinone compounds are a class of natural pigment organic compounds with unsaturated cyclic dione structure in the molecule. Anthraquinone and its derivatives are the most important; they are many important active ingredients. Extensive existence, Polygonaceae rhubarb, Polygonum multiflorum, Polygonum cuspidatum. Quinones have many physiological activities including venting, antibacterial, antiviral, hemostasis, and crown expansion.
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