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Hydrazine or Hydroxylamine Derivatives

4-Hydrazinobenzene-1-sulfonamide hydrochloride

Used as pesticide, pharmaceutical and dye intermediates; used as pharmaceutical intermediates and others. Pharmaceutical intermediates, mainly used to produce Celecoxib


Used as pharmaceuticals, pesticides and dye intermediates. Used as pharmaceuticals, pesticide intermediates and dye intermediates. Special reagents for aldehydes, ketones and sugars. Mainly used in the synthesis of pesticides, medicines, dyes and other organic compounds.


An aryl hydrazine used in the preparation of various dyes and pharmaceutical compounds. It is used in the investigation of oligosaccharides as well as the structure of photosystem II.

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4-Tolylhydrazine Monohydrochloride has shown tumorigenic potential through studies. In addition, due to its hydrazine moiety, it has anti-cancer potential and is a compound from which derivatives are made in the search of novel anticancer drugs.
Hydrazine is also called hydrazine. Hydrazine is an important intermediate in organic chemical industry. It can synthesize various derivatives and is widely used as a raw material for medicines, pesticides, fuels, plastic additives, imaging agents, and antioxidants. Hydroxylamine is used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis; condensation with carbonyl compounds generates oxime. Hydroxylamine derivatives are important intermediates for drugs, functional dyes, and low-toxic pesticides.
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