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    Chinese Herbs

    Astragaloside IV

    Astragaloside IV has cardiovascular protective effects, protecting the vascular endothelial cells. In addition it is attributed to have anti0inflammatory and anti-virus effects as well. This is due to its scavenging ability of oxygen free radicals, regulation of mineral homeostasis and antioxidative effects.

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    1. Used in cosmetic products and as a sweetening agent in food & beverages.
    2. An antioxidant flavanone glycoside

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    Aloe Emodin

    Shows significant inhibitory activity against the P-388 leukemia in mice when administered as a suspension in acetone-Tween 80. Has a specific in vitro and in vivo antineuroectodermal tumor activity. Cathartic.

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    A intermediate in the synthesis of Taxol and derivatives


    5,5-Dimethylhydantoin is part of a group of hydantoin compounds that are being evaluated for their anticonvulsant and central nervous system antitumour properties.

    Pine bark extract

    pine bark extract is used as a solvent. It is also an anti-septic and stimulant. Pine bark extract can cause skin irritation.
    Chinese herbals: Chinese herbal medicine is mainly composed of plant medicines (roots, stems, leaves, fruits), animal medicines (viscera, skin, bones, organs, etc.) and mineral medicines. Because botanical medicine accounts for the majority of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is also called Chinese herbal medicine. China is the birthplace of Chinese herbal medicine. There are about 12,000 medicinal plants in China. Chinese herbal medicine is a unique medicine used by Chinese medicine to prevent and treat diseases, and it is also an important sign that Chinese medicine is different from other medicines.
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