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It is an excellent solvent, widely used as an extractant for aromatic extraction, lubricating oil refining, acetylene concentration, synthesis gas desulfurization, etc. It is also used for industrial cleaning and other purposes. N-methylpyrrolidone is an excellent extraction solvent. It is widely used as an extractant in the process of aromatics extraction, acetylene concentration, butadiene separation and synthesis gas desulfurization. It is also a solvent in the production of pesticides, engineering plastics, coatings, synthetic fibers, integrated circuits, etc. Industrial detergents, dispersants, dyes, lubricants antifreeze, etc. The product has low toxicity, and the oral LD50 for rats is 7ml/kg. It is widely used in solvents such as high-grade lubricating oil refining, polymer synthesis, insulating materials, pesticides, pigments and cleaning agents. Organic Synthesis. Used in aromatic extraction, purification of acetylene, olefin, and diolefin; used in polymer solvent and polymerization medium, such as engineering plastics such as polyamide, polyimide, polyphenylene sulfide, and aramid fiber

Acetyl Ketene

Chemical intermediate for acetoacetic esters & acetoacetanilides, n,n-dialkylacetoacetamides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, for pigments & toners, food preservatives, insecticides, dicrotophos, & the fungicide, dehydroacetic acid.

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An important dye intermediate for the production of Vat Brilliant Green FFB, Vat Olive Green B, Vat Olive T, Vat Ash M, Vat Black BBN, etc.

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Used to synthesize reactive dyes such as CI Acid Yellow 17, CI Acid Orange 40, CI Reactive Yellow 1


As a dye intermediate, it can be used to produce reduced ash M, etc.


Used as an important intermediate for basic dyes; Michler's ketone is an important intermediate for basic dyes, used in the production of Basic Brilliant Blue B, Basic Brilliant Blue R, etc. Used as reagents, dye intermediates and sensitizers for photoetching plates for the determination of tungsten; determination of tungsten. Qualitative test of metal organic compounds. Make dyes.


Neutral dye intermediates. Used to manufacture neutral brilliant yellow 3GL, neutral orange RL, neutral dark brown BRL, etc. Used as intermediates of dyes, pigments, medicines and pesticides; mainly used in organic synthesis of C.I. Acid Orange 87; 88 and other coupling components


It is a spice for the preparation of geraniol oil. It is used in trace amounts in citronellol or in floral essences such as roses. It has the effect of adjusting floral fragrance. It is used in lavender, scented scented, spicy and other types of spices. It is a raw material for edible cooling flavors, used for fruit flavors such as raspberry, etc., to enhance the flavor, increase the freshness and reduce the over-sweet taste. It is also a good spice for toothpaste. Uses Menthone (trans isomer) and isomenthone (cis isomer) have a mint aroma and can be used to prepare mint flavors.

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It is an important pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate, currently mainly used in the synthesis of quinolone antibacterial drug ciprofloxacin

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Ketones are compounds in which a carbonyl group is connected to two hydrocarbon groups. According to the different hydrocarbon groups in the molecule, ketones can be divided into fatty ketones, alicyclic ketones, aromatic ketones, saturated ketones and unsaturated ketones.
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