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Analysis Reagents


Chlorotrimethylsilane have been used in the preparation of volatile derivatives of a wide range of compounds for GC analysis. Chlorotrimethylsilane has been used for silylation and as a protection group in the process of various organic synthesis.


Used as a solvent in various organic synthesis conversion reactions; used to study the formation of stable functionalized hydride silane diradical transition metal complexes from arylsilanes through photochemistry; aprotic dipolar solvents, often used as carcinogens HMPA substitution


Used in a one-pot, multi-component synthesis of a highly substituted, chiral pyrrole


HEPES (4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-piperazineethanesulfonic acid ) is a zwitterionic organic chemical buffering agent; one of the twenty Good's buffers. HEPES is widely used in cell culture, largely because it is better at maintaining physiological pH despite changes in carbon dioxide concentration (produced by cellular respiration) when compared to bicarbonate buffers, which are also commonly used in cell culture. The dissociation of water decreases with falling temperature, but the dissociation constants (pK) of many other buffers do not change much with temperature. HEPES is like water in that its dissociation decreases as the temperature decreases. This makes HEPES a more effective buffering agent for maintaining enzyme structure and function at low temperatures. Lepe-Zuniga et al. reported a phototoxicity of HEPES when exposed to ambient light by the production of hydrogen peroxide, which is not a problem in bicarbonate-based cell culture buffers. It is therefore strongly advised to keep HEPES-containing solutions in darkness as much as possible.HEPES has the following characteristics:

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Dimethyloldimethyl hydantoin

Glydant(R) 2000 is an effective cosmetic preservative. Product Data Sheet


Creatinine is the end product of creatine catabolism. Creatinine is a normal constituent of urine. Also found together with creatine in muscle tissues and blood. Creatinine is found in all soils and in grain seeds and other vegetable matter as well as in certain fish and in crab meat extract.

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1. Common reagent for the preparation of pyrazolato ligated complexes.1,2 Also used to prepare N-1-substituted derivatives having antibacterial activity.3
2. 3,5-Dimethylpyrazole is used as intermediate for the manufacture of organic dyestuffs and photochemicals. Product Data Sheet


A potential nitrification inhibitor of urea fertilizer in agricultural soils.
Analytical reagents generally refer to chemical reagents, which are relatively standard substances for chemical research and component analysis, and are important conditions for scientific and technological progress. They are widely used in the synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances. Chemicals are indispensable in the daily work of factories, schools, hospitals and research institutes.
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