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Respiratory Drugs

Ammonium Chloride

Electrolyte.Mainly used in the manufacture of dry batteries and accumulators, other ammonium salts, electroplating additives, metal welding fluxes, also used in tanning leather, candle making, adhesives, etc.; used in medicine, dry batteries, fabric printing and dyeing, fertilizers, tanning leather, electroplating, detergents Etc.; mainly used in the manufacture of dry batteries and accumulators. It is a raw material for manufacturing other ammonium salts. Used as dyeing aid, electroplating bath additive, metal welding flux. It is also used for tin plating and galvanizing, tanned leather, medicine, candle making, adhesives, chromizing, precision casting.


Hydroxylated flavone derivative with strong anti-oxidant and radical scavenging properties. Suggested to play a role in cancer prevention.It is used as antitussive, antiphlegm and anti-inflammatory drugs. Hydroxyflavonoid derivatives are strong antioxidants and free radical scavengers, playing an important role in anti-cancer. It is a polyphenolic compound, which belongs to flavonoids. It is a strong antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

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Quercetin Dihydrate

Bioflavonoid that provides relieve from chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men.This product has a good effect of expectorant and cough, and has a certain antiasthmatic effect. In addition, it has the functions of lowering blood pressure, enhancing capillary resistance, reducing capillary fragility, lowering blood fat, dilating coronary arteries, and increasing coronary blood flow. Used to treat chronic bronchitis. It also has adjuvant therapy for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Ambroxol Hydrochloride

1. Expectorant
2. A metabolite of Bromohexine. Ambroxol Hydrochloride is a bronchosecretolytic drug.
3. Skin whitening, depigmentation agent
4. Ambroxol is indicated as 鈥渟ecretolytic therapy in bronchopulmonary diseases associated with abnormal mucus secretion and impaired mucus transport. It promotes mucus clearance, facilitates expectoration and eases productive cough, allowing patients to brea


Xanthine derivative with diuretic, cardiac stimulant and smooth muscle relaxant activities; isomeric with theobromine. Small amounts occur in tea. Bronchodilator. theophylline is tonic and skin conditioning. Its cosmetic activity is not clearly or definitively established. It is most often found in anti-cellulite products. Theophylline is in the same family of bio chemicals as caffeine. It is naturally occurring in tea.

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A selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4.Roflumilast is a drug which acts as a selective,long-acting inhibitor of the enzyme PDE-4. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is under development as an orally administered drug for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the lungs such as asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)。

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Tiotropium Bromide

Anti - Asthmatic. Atropine derivatives. Bronchodilators. Muscarinic receptor antagonist.


Used in medicine, dye and perfume intermediates. It is used to manufacture calcium guaiacolsulfonate in medicine and vanillin and artificial musk in the perfume industry.

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Ammonium Carbonate

In baking powders, for washing and defatting woolens, tanning, as mordant in dyeing, in manufacture of rubber articles, casein glue, casein colors, in fire extinguishers, for separating cocas constituents, as a reagent in analytical chemistry.


Geraniol was used in field evaluation of synthetic herbivore-induced plant volatiles as attractants to beneficial insects.It was used to evaluate the tumor-suppressive potency of isoprenoids in vitro and in vivo.

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Commonly used drugs for respiratory diseases include antitussives, antiasthmatics, expectorants, etc. Commonly used antitussive drugs are divided into two categories according to their mechanism of action: central antitussive drugs and peripheral antitussive drugs; Commonly used antiasthmatic drugs can be divided into bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory antiasthmatic drugs and anti-allergic antiasthmatic drugs according to the mode of action; Expectorants can be divided into three categories according to the mode of action: nausea and irritant expectorants, sputum dissolving agents, mucus regulators. "ECHEMI Respiratory Drugs" mainly provides APIs for these commonly used respiratory medicines.
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