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Chemical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides are widely used in agricultural production. It has the functions of regulating insect pests in agricultural production and regulating the growth of animals and plants. Synthetic chemical pesticides can be divided into organic chlorine, organic phosphorus, organic mercury, organic arsenic, carbamate and other preparations according to chemical composition; according to the physical state of pesticides in the environment, they can be divided into powder, soluble liquid and volatile Liquid, etc .; according to its mode of action, there may be stomach toxicity, contact, fumigation, etc. "Chemical Pesticides" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for pesticides.

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators are used in agricultural production by artificially synthesizing substances with similar physiological and biological effects as plant hormones after understanding the structure and mechanism of natural plant hormones to effectively regulate the growth process of crops and achieve stable production The purpose is to increase production, improve quality and enhance crop resistance. "Plant Growth Regulators" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for plant growth regulators.


Insecticides refer to chemical agents used to control pests. Including organic pesticides, inorganic pesticides, plant pesticides, mineral oil pesticides, microbial pesticides. Insecticides are a type of pesticides with the largest dosage and the most varieties, and most of them can only kill insects but cannot prevent diseases. "Insecticides" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for pesticides.

Pesticide Intermediates

Pesticide intermediates are products produced by processing agricultural raw materials, and are an intermediate medium that combines two or more substances. It can be understood as a synergist in pesticides, which is an intermediate material for the production of pesticides. "Pesticide Intermediates" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for pesticide intermediates.


Agricultural Germicide are a class of pesticides used to control plant diseases caused by various pathogenic microorganisms, and generally refer to fungicides. However, internationally, it is generally used as a general term for agents that control various types of pathogenic microorganisms. With the development of germicide, sub-categories such as bactericides, virus killers, and algaecides are also distinguished. "Germicide" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals used in agricultural germicide.
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