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Non-metallic Minerals

Organic Bentonite

Used in iron concentrate pellets, drilling mud, foundry sand binder, animal and vegetable oil decolorization, purifier, plastic filler, desiccant, adsorbent, etc.; GB2760-96: processing aid. Purifying agent; anticaking agent; suspending agent; emulsifier. Mainly used for clarification of wine; filter aid for suspended yeast in draft beer. It can effectively adsorb proteins, pigments and positively charged colloidal ions to produce aggregation. When in use, add 10 times the amount of water to make it fully swell, stir it into a slurry and add it to the juice to be processed, stir and disperse evenly, and filter after 0.5-1.0h. Bentonite can be used as a binder, adsorbent, filler, thixotropic agent, flocculant, detergent, stabilizer, thickener, etc., used as a carrier of fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides, fillers for rubber and plastics, synthetic resins and Anti-settling additives for inks, thixotropy and thickening of pigments and pure paste coatings, additives for daily chemicals, sorbents and adhesives for medicines, etc., and are also widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, casting, machinery, ceramics, and construction , Light industry, papermaking, textile and food sectors. In biochemical research, it is used as emulsifier and adsorbent of protein and particles, and oil emulsifier. Decolorizing agent.


Flake mica is generally used in various specifications for electronic tube sheets and capacitor sheets used in the radio industry, mica sheets used in motor manufacturing, household electrical appliances, telephones, and lighting. Broken mica can produce all kinds of mica paper as insulation materials. Because of its good dielectric properties, mica has become an important raw material for the power and electronics industries as capacitors and insulating materials. Its good heat resistance can be used as the lining of the smelting furnace, the lining of the rocket launch tube and the ablative layer material of the rocket engine. It can also be used in the production of mechanical parts, light-weight building materials, cable wraps, welding electrodes, and as fillers for papermaking, plastics, and rubber. In addition, it is also used to produce mica ceramics, mica cast products, mica reinforced plastics, pearlescent pigments and new mica building materials. Ultra-fine mica powder as a functional filler for plastics, coatings, paints, rubbers, etc. can improve its mechanical strength, enhance toughness, adhesion resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

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Mica is an important industrial raw material. High-quality flake mica is an important strategic material, used to manufacture various electrical equipment and components of radio devices (such as electronic tubes, large-capacity capacitors, aviation gaskets and spark plugs, etc.). According to statistics, more than 90% of high-quality mica is used in the electrical, radio and television industries. Poor quality mica is often used as furnace windows of steelmaking furnaces and other metallurgical furnaces, high-temperature steam boiler water level indicator tubes and regulator isolation plates, and also used in household appliances (such as bread ovens, electric irons, etc.). Broken mica and mica powder are glued together to make mica board, mica tape and mica paper, which are used in building materials, plastics, paper making, dyes, paints and rubber. In recent years, the Soviet Union has mixed a large amount of mica powder into silicate coatings to make mica coatings, which have strong moisture and fire resistance, low cost, non-toxicity, and broad development prospects.

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Fluorphlogopite (Mg3K[AlF2O(SiO3)3])

Synthetic fluorophlogopite can be widely used in mica titanium pearlescent pigments, cosmetic powders, plastics and ceramic fillers. At the same time, synthetic fluorophlogopite is widely used in the electronics industry due to its excellent electrical insulation properties.


Lepidolite, a variety of mica, is a fluorosilicate ofpotassium, lithium and aluminum found in pegmatites.Generally, rubidium occurs as an impurity. Can be used as glass material. Used in ceramics, it can act as a flux. Lithium is the lightest metal with a specific gravity of 0.534. It can produce lithium-6 needed for thermonuclear, and is an important fuel for hydrogen bombs, rockets, nuclear submarines and new jet aircraft. Lithium can absorb neutrons and is used as a control rod in an atomic reactor. It is used as a red luminous agent for signal flare and flares and a thick lubricant for aircraft in the military. In metallurgy, lithium is used to make light alloys and pure agents for metal products.

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Non-metallic minerals refer to minerals that do not have metallic or semi-metallic luster, are colorless or have various light colors, are transparent or translucent under a 0.03 mm thick sheet, and have poor electrical and thermal conductivity. It includes most of the oxygenated salt minerals and some oxide and halide minerals. As an important material basis for human survival and development, non-metallic minerals have long coexisted harmoniously with humans and are closely related to the environment, ecology and health.
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