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Fluorinating agent can perform monofluorination reaction on electron-rich double bonds, enol silyl ethers, lithium enol salts, etc., for the preparation of fluorine-containing steroid drugs.


At present, the most important and broadest applications of bistrifluoromethanesulfonimides include: replacing traditional Bronsted acid and Lewis acid as high-efficiency catalysts in some important organic chemical reactions; synthesizing environmentally friendly ionic liquids, As a recyclable green solvent in the reaction system; as an important raw material for synthesizing lithium-ion battery high-efficiency electrolyte-bistrifluoromethanesulfonimide lithium. Strong acid, used to prepare highly efficient Lewis acid catalyst.


Bardac(R) 208M is a quaternary ammonium based antimicrobial used as a bacteriostat, deodorant, disinfectant and(or) a microbiocide. Source of fluorine in nucleophilic fluorination reactions.

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Convenient crystalline highly chemoselective deoxofluorination reagent with a broad substrate scopeDeoxofluorination reagent with a better safety profile1, that doesn′t generate corrosive HF2 which makes it suitable for use in standard borosilicate vessels, and does not react violently with water3Reactant for:• ;Preparation of fluorodisaccharides4

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Desulfurizer generally refers to a chemical that removes free sulfur or sulfur compounds from fuel, raw materials, or other materials; in the control and treatment of pollutants, it refers to a chemical that can remove sulfur oxides (including SO2 and SO3) in exhaust gas. Various basic compounds can be used as desulfurizers. "Desulfurizer" on ECHEMI mainly supplies raw materials for Desulfurizer.
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