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Nucleic Acid Drugs

Citicoline Sodium

Cytidine 5′-diphosphate (CDP) is used as a substrate of CDP (nucleoside diphosphate) kinase ( to produce CTP in support ofDNA and RNA biosynthesis and of ribonucleotide reductase to product dCMP.


This product is a highly effective anti-scorch agent in the rubber industry and can be used for natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The combination of CTP and sulfenamide accelerators can form a delayed vulcanization system with good performance, prevent the early vulcanization (scorching) of coke during processing, and improve the safety of processing. Used to manufacture tires, tapes, hoses, etc.


Citicoline can restore the structure of cell membranes after brain cell injury, enhance cell membrane function, and improve neuron function; 2. It can reduce cerebrovascular resistance, increase cerebral blood flow, promote brain metabolism, improve cerebral circulation, and improve brain function; 3. It can increase the secretion of nerve conduction mediators including acetylcholine and dopamine, enhance the brainstem network structure function of Chemicalbook and consciousness, improve the body's state of consciousness, and increase the speed of recovery; 4. It can also inhibit phospholipase A2. Activate to accelerate the reabsorption of brain edema. 5. It can enhance dopaminergic activity and regulate the physiological functions of the extrapyramidal system. 6. It has been proved to have the function of increasing memory and promoting learning.


Antiviral drugs.Antiarrhythmic drugs can turn paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia into sinus rhythm. Used for supraventricular arrhythmias related to atrioventricular.In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used to manufacture adenosine arabinoside; adenosine triphosphate; the main raw material for drugs such as coenzyme and its series products cyclic adenosine monophosphate


cell function activator, cardiotonic.Participate in energy metabolism and protein synthesis in the body.Used as coenzyme drugs.Biochemical research. Medicine is used to promote the growth of white blood cells.Inosine is a potential stimulator of nerve production factor (NGF).

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Adenosine5'-triphosphate disodium salt

In biochemical research.To inhibit enzymatic browning of raw edible plant materials, such as sliced apples, potatoes, etc.P2 purinergic agonist; increase the activity of Ca2+-activated K+ channel; substrate of ATP-dependent enzyme system

Cyclic AMP

Natural activator of cyclized adenylate-dependent protein kinase (PKA); cAMP is an important second messenger and is associated with neurotransmitter or hormone-induced receptor activation in many systems; it has been shown that cAMP /PKA signaling pathway can inhibit cell proliferation, induce differentiation and cause apoptosis

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ATP is a central component of energy storage and metabolism in vivo, provides the metabolic energy to drive metabolic pumps and serves as a coenzyme in cells.
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Nucleic acid drugs, also known as nucleotide drugs, are various oligoribonucleotides (RNA) or oligodeoxyribonucleotides (DNA) with different functions, mainly at the gene level. It is generally believed that nucleic acid drugs include Aptamer, Antigene, Ribozyme, Antisencenucleic acid, and RNA interference agents.
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