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Activated Carbon

1. Beaching agent; deodorant; de-flavor agent; cleaning agent in food production; it is widely used in sugar, glucose, caramel, oil, fruit juice and wine drinks for decolorization purification, removal of colloidal substances and water treatment.
2. Used for PSA separation of air and preparation of nitrogen.
3. Mainly used in the Chinese or western original drug in pharmaceutical industry.
4. It is suitable for the decoloring and deodorization of brewing industry, production of edible oil and food additive with special decoloring capability on caramel and molasses.
5. It can be used for desulfurization, water purification, air purification, recovery of solvents, absorption and as a catalyst carrier.
6. It can be used in gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide and shift gas to remove hydrogen sulfide.
7. Mainly used for the deodorization, dechlorination and liquid decolorization in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and high-purity drinking water; as well as widely used in the chemical industry for solvent recovery and gas separation.
8. Widely used in the pre-treatment of industrial water and domestic water and the deep purification treatment on chemical, printing and dyeing, electronics, coking, environmental protection and other industrial wastewater.
9. Widely used in the recycling of organic solvents including toluene, xylene, ether, ethanol, acetone, gasoline, trichloropropane and carbon tetrachloride.
10. For the absorption of gas, liquid hazardous substances, the removal of various organic vapors and filtering out harmful gases and air odor.


MOLECULAR SIEVES can be used as a desiccant, as an ion exchanger and water purifying agent for calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., as well as for the determination of nitrogen in blood and urine and sugar refining.


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Natural Zeolite

Selective adsorbent. Catalyst or catalyst carrier. Used for separation of normal and isoparaffins and oxygen and nitrogen, desulfurization of petroleum and petroleum gas, drying and purification of gas and liquid.

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DOWEX(R) 50WX4 HYDROGEN can be used for chromatographic analysis. Used for the separation of methane, ethane and propane. Can also be used as desiccant and detergent components.
DOWEX(R) 50WX4 HYDROGEN is mainly used for adsorption separation of aromatic hydrocarbons and refining of paraffin. 10X molecular sieve can adsorb isoparaffins, aromatic hydrocarbons and naphthenes with diameter less than 9A. When used in the purification of crude liquid paraffin, it can preferentially select and separate the polar compounds such as nitrides, organic acids, sulfides and aromatic hydrocarbons in the crude paraffin. Thus, the above polar compounds are separated from the crude liquid.
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Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt discovered that a type of natural aluminosilicate ore will boil when it is burnt, so it is named "zeolite". Zeolite is just one kind of molecular sieve, but zeolite is the most representative among them. There are more than 80 kinds of zeolites found in nature. The more common ones are cristobalite, chabazite, calcium zeolite, flake zeolite, sodium zeolite, mordenite, and pyrophyllite, which mainly contain calcium and sodium. "Zeolite" on ECHEMI mainly supplies raw materials for Zeolite.
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