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    Pharmaceutical Intermediates

    Pharmaceutical intermediates are some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis. This chemical product does not require a production license for medicines, and can be produced in ordinary chemical plants. As long as it reaches a certain level, it can be used for the synthesis of medicines. After more than 30 years of development, the chemical raw materials and intermediates required for Chinese pharmaceutical production can basically be matched, and only a small part needs to be imported. Due to China's abundant resources and low raw material prices, many intermediates have achieved a large number of exports.

    Oled Material Intermediate

    In the production process of Oled upstream materials, firstly, chemical raw materials are used to synthesize Oled Material Intermediate, and then the intermediates are further synthesized into crude monomers. Panel production. Under the pressure of cost, international Oled material companies generally outsource the production of some Oled Material Intermediate or crude monomer products. China has the world's leading manufacturers of Oled intermediate materials and crude monomer products. The main industry barriers are the recognition of downstream manufacturers. Enterprises that have entered the Oled supply chain will benefit from the rapid growth of Oled demand.

    Heterocyclic Compound

    Heterocyclic compounds are organic compounds that contain a heterocyclic structure in the molecule and are the largest number of organic compounds. In addition to carbon atoms, the atoms constituting the ring also contain at least one heteroatom. The most common heteroatoms are nitrogen atoms, sulfur atoms, and oxygen atoms. This organic compound can be divided into two categories: aliphatic heterocycles and aromatic heterocycles. Heterocyclic compounds are ubiquitous in the structure of drug molecules.
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