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    Surfactant refers to the addition of a small amount of substance that can make the interface state of the solution system change significantly. Surfactants are divided into ionic surfactants (including cationic surfactants and anionic surfactants), nonionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, compound surfactants, other surfactants, etc. "Surfactant" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for surfactants.

    Industrial Surfactant

    Industrial surfactant refers to a functional surfactant monomer used in industry. It is a scientific and organic combination of various functional surfactant monomers used in industry, and is used as an auxiliary in the process of various fields of industrial production. "Industrial Surfactant" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for industrial surfactants.

    Antistatic Agents

    Antistatic agents are a type of additives added to plastics or applied to the surface of molded products to reduce the accumulation of static electricity. According to different usages, there are two types of surface-active antistatic agents, namely, external and internal, external, or local antistatic agents are applied to the surface of the polymer by spraying, rubbing, or dipping. Surface active antistatic agents can be divided into cationic, anionic and nonionic. "Antistatic Agents" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for antistatic agents.

    Cationic Surfactants

    Cationic surfactants are mainly nitrogen-containing organic amine derivatives. They only have good surface activity in acidic media; they tend to precipitate out and lose surface activity in alkaline media. Because its main uses are special uses such as bactericides, fiber softeners and antistatic agents, it is used in relatively small amounts compared to anionic and nonionic surfactants. "Cationic Surfactants" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for cationic surfactants.

    Non-ionic Surfactants

    Non-ionic surfactants are surfactants that contain ether groups that do not dissociate in aqueous solution as the main hydrophilic group in their molecules, and their surface activity is reflected by neutral molecules. Non-ionic surfactants can be divided into polyoxyethylene type, polyol type, alkanolamide type, polyether type, amine oxide type, etc. according to the structure of the hydrophilic group. "Non-ionic Surfactants" on Echemi mainly supplies chemicals for non-ionic surfactants.
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