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Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings raw materials are mainly composed of film-forming material, curing agents, pigments and fillers, solvents, additives, etc. The film-forming material is the basis of the coating. It plays a decisive role in the performance of the coating and the coating film. It has the function of bonding other components in the coating to form the coating film. The contemporary coating industry mainly uses resin. The curing agent includes water-based curing agent, powder curing agent, etc., auxiliary agents include leveling agent, matting agent, lubricant, etc., solvents include toluene, xylene, methanol ethanol, etc., pigments and fillers are titanium dioxide, iron oxide, Color paste, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate...

Paint Pigment & Filler

Pigments and fillers are the most widely used powder materials in the field of coatings and paints, which enable coatings to have the functions of coloring, covering, protection, decoration, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance, enhancement, weather resistance, beautification and improvement of living environment. Pigments and fillers for paints can be roughly divided into four categories: color pigments, effect pigments, anti-rust pigments, and fillers. Echemi Paint Pigment & Filler provides pigment and filler products and reliable suppliers.

Film-Forming Material

Film-forming Material refers to the ability to adhere to the substance to form a film, which is the basis of coatings. It determines the basic characteristics of the coating, mainly including grease and resin, but also includes some non-volatile reactive diluents. Polymer resins or oils are the main film-forming substances of coatings and are essential in any coatings. Echemi Film-Forming Material provides a reliable supplier of film-forming material products and raw materials.

Paint Solvent

Paint solvent is a volatile liquid used to dissolve film-forming substances such as oils, resins, and cellulose derivatives. The solvent also has the function of dilution. It is a volatile liquid, an important part of the liquid coating formulation, and is closely related to the manufacturing, storage, construction and quality of the paint film. Echemi Paint Solvent provides reliable solvent products and suppliers.

Coating Additive

Coating additives refer to those ingredients added in a small amount to the coating formulation to control or enhance the performance of the coating. Coating additives can be divided into oil-based coating additives and water-based coating additives. In line with the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection, the development of water-based coating additives has made rapid progress. There are more and more new types of environmentally friendly additives and their applications are becoming more and more extensive, which is the mainstream direction of the future development of coating additives. Echemi Coating Additive provides reliable additives products and suppliers.
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