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DMC&PG December cost and profit analysis (20211231)

On December 31, 2021 , the mainstream acceptance ex-factory price of propylene glycol in Shandong is around 16000-16500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream acceptance ex-factory price of dimethyl carbonate is 8500 yuan/ton.

December cost profit analysis

As of December, the mainstream price of acetic acid in Jiangsu Province in 6000-6200 yuan / ton, Jiangsu raw material methanol in 2550-2600 yuan / ton, a rough calculation

TDI December cost and profit analysis

The profit of the TDI factory rose broadly in December . According to the statistics, the average profit of the factory during the month was 2875 yuan/ton

MDI December cost and profit analysis

In December, the profit of China's MDI factories was revised upwards. The average profit of factories during the month was 5572 yuan/ton, an increase of 383 yuan/ton from the previous month.

Acrylic Acid Cost profit analysis (202112)

In December 2021 , the average monthly price of acrylic acid in East China was RMB 12,203/ton, and the average monthly price of butyl acrylate in East China was RMB 12,635/ton.

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