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Genitourinary Agents

Succinic acid

succinic acid is widely use as organic intermediates for the pharmaceutical, engineering plastics, resins etc.. For the synthesis of sedatives, contraceptives and cancer drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. In the chemical industry for the production of dyes, alkyd resin, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ion exchange resins and pesticides.

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1. A natural constituent of animal structural proteins such as collagen and elastin. Several microorganisms producing proline trans-4- and cis-3-hydroxylase were discovered and these enzymes were applied to the industrial production of trans-4- and cis-3-hydroxy-L-proline.
2. A versatile reagent for the synthesis of neuroexcitatory kainoids and antifungal echinocandins.

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A fluorinated naphthalene derivative that is metabolized by fungal monooxygenase-epoxide hydrolase. Duloxetine (D721000) impurity. 1-fluoronaphthalene is an organic fluorine compound. The organic fluorine compound has strong stability, physiological activity, fat solubility and sulfur water, and can adjust parameters such as electronics and lipophilicity. Therefore, many fluorine-containing drugs have relatively low dosage in terms of performance. , Low toxicity, high efficacy, strong metabolism and other characteristics, have a significant impact on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic properties of the drug.

Ethylene Carbonate

Ethylene carbonate is an ester of ethylene glycol and carbonic acid. Ethylene carbonate is used as a polar solvent with a molecular dipole moment of 4. 9 D, only 0.1 D lower than that of propylene carbonate. It can be used as a high permittivity component of electrolytes in lithium batteries.

(R)-(-)-3-Pyrrolidinol hydrochloride

(R)-(-)-3-Hydroxypyrrolidine is a chiral hydroxy derivative of pyrrlodine used in the preparation of chiral niologically active compounds such as muscarinic receptor antagonists and antimicrobial agents.


Ethyl benzoylacetate (Best) is used as an intermediate for different organic synthesis Product Data Sheet
Genitourinary Agents Intermediates are some key chemical raw materials or products in the synthesis process of genitourinary agent. You can easily find high-quality new intermediates, products and their manufacturers or suppliers on ECHEMI. We will always track the research and development of new products on genitourinary system.
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