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Elementary Substance


Primary used in in the production of phosphorous based compounds.


It is a material used in the electronics industry and used as a high-purity analytical reagent. Used in powder metallurgy parts, diamond saw blades, friction materials, electric carbon products and chemical catalysts, etc.; used as analytical reagents, catalysts, and reducing agents; used as ordinary reagents, catalysts and reducing agents; mainly used as raw materials in the copper smelting industry Used as a raw material for smelting and electrolytic copper; mainly used to make conductive equipment and alloys (bronze, brass, cupronickel, etc.); used as a reducing agent for teaching reagents; copper salt preparation; catalyst (powder); alloy; electroplating; reagent , Alloy, electroplating.

Antimony Ingot

1. Used to manufacture III-V compound semiconductors, high-purity alloys, antimony sulfide. Used as a dopant for refrigeration components and single crystals of silicon and germanium. 2. Used as analytical reagents and also for the preparation of alloys and salts. Used as a raw material for high-purity reagents and semiconductors. It is used to manufacture lead-antimony alloy materials, cable sheaths and to produce antimony compounds. 3. Mainly used to manufacture alloys and also used in printing and pigment industries.

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Raney nickel, also called spongy nickel, is a fine-grained solid composed mostly of nickel derived from a nickel-aluminium alloy. A variety of grades are known, but most are gray solids. Some are pyrophoric, most are used as air-stable slurries. Raney nickel is used as a reagent and as a catalyst in organic chemistry. It was developed in 1926 by American engineer Murray Raney for the hydrogenation of vegetable oils.

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Zinc is a naturally occurring metal element used in the preparation of galvanized alloys such as steel for its contribution towards anti-corrosive properties.
Galvanizing sheet iron; as ingredient of alloys such as bronze, brass, Babbitt metal, German silver, and special alloys for die-casting; as a protective coating for other metals to prevent corrosion; for electrical apparatus, especially dry cell batteries, household utensils, castings, printing plates, building materials, railroad car linings, automotive equipment; as reducing agent in organic chemistry; for deoxidizing bronze; extracting gold by the cyanide process, purifying fats for soaps; bleaching bone glue; manufacture of sodium hydrosulfite; insulin zinc salts; as reagent in analytical chemistry, e.g., in the Marsh and Gutzeit test for arsenic; as a reducer in the determination of iron.It is a nutritional trace element.

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Mainly used for making bismuth products and bismuth alloys.

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1. Solid state synthesis with Ca and Sn resulted in a new phase, Ca6. 2Mg
3. 8Sn7, which has an unprecedented type of tin chain composed of square-planar tin units.1
2. Suitable for Grignard reactions.


Boron is mainly used in metallurgy, electronics, medicine, ceramics, nuclear industry, chemical industry, etc. It is applied in the form of a compound or added to the alloy as an additional material. It can be used in the smelting of special alloy steel and gas scavenger for molten steel, the control rod in the ignition pole of the ignition tube in the electronic industry, and the high-energy fuel of the rocket in the nuclear reactor; it is an important raw material for manufacturing high-purity boron halide, It is a raw material for making a variety of borides; it can replace and save a lot of precious and scarce metals; boron and its compounds can also be used as catalysts for organic chemical reactions.

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Used as a raw material for the manufacture of monocrystalline silicon, and also used in the electronics industry; is a raw material for the manufacture of semiconductor silicon devices, used to make high-power rectifiers, high-power transistors, diodes, switching devices, etc.; used to manufacture semiconductor discrete devices, power devices, Integrated circuits and epitaxial substrates, etc. It is mainly used to make polysilicon, single crystal silicon, silicon aluminum alloy and silicon steel alloy, etc. It is used to make transistors, rectifiers and solar cells. It is also used to make high silicon cast iron, silicon steel, various organic silicon compounds, etc.; used to prepare single crystal silicon Raw materials. Mainly used to make polycrystalline silicon, single crystal silicon, silicon aluminum alloy and silicon steel alloy compounds; used to make alloys, organic silicon compounds and silicon tetrachloride, etc., is an extremely important semiconductor material.
A substance composed of atoms of an element that exists in a stable form in a free form is called an Elementary Substance. The element must be a pure substance composed of one element, so the mixture cannot be element. Generally speaking, the nature of the element is closely related to the nature of its elements.
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