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A stimulant drug. It can be used as a binding agent to form stable salts of pharmaceutical drugs. Intermediate of anti-allergic drugs


Alkaloid It has anti-tumor, blood pressure, blood sugar, and diuretic effects. Clinically, it is mainly used for the treatment and prevention of lymphosarcoma, leukemia, rhabdomyosarcoma, melanoma, seminoma, teratoma, and the treatment and prevention of hypertension and hyperglycemia. Glycyrrhizine has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

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Sophocarpine is one of the significant alkaloid extracted from the traditional herb medicine Sophora flavescens which has many pharmacological properties such as anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory. Sophocarpine significantly inhibits the growth of gastric cancer (GC) cells through multiple mechanisms such as induction of autophagy, activation of cell apoptosis and down-regulation of cell survival PI3K/AKT signaling pathway. Sophocarpine has been demonstrated to have anti-tumor act

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3-Indoleformic acid

Pharmaceutical intermediates for the synthesis of tropisetron, antiviral drugs, etc. 3-Indolecarboxylic acid is a specific competitive inhibitor of glycine enhancement in NMDA gated current. Chemical reagents are used for anticancer activity in the synthesis of thiadiazole derivatives. Application 3-Indole carboxylic acid is an organic synthesis intermediate and pharmaceutical intermediate. It can be used in the laboratory organic synthesis process and chemical medicine research and development process, and can be used to synthesize the raw material drug tropisetron, antiviral drugs, etc.


Indole analogue; shows pharmacological activity Pharmaceutical intermediates

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An oxidative product of Tropane, used to synthesize alkaloid derivatives.Tropineol, or α-tropineol, is an intermediate in the synthesis of atropine. Atropine is a parasympathetic nerve inhibitor and can be used as a dilator and laxative in ophthalmology. Used as pharmaceutical intermediate

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For the preparation of dopamine D2 receptor antagonists, antimalarial drugs, 5-indolyl-Mannich bases, proliferation inhibitors, human mast cell chymase inhibitors, DL-tryptophan, potentially cruciferous Plant antitoxin brassinolide detoxification inhibitor, 3-vinylindole, serotonin 5-HT6 receptor ligand template, selective protein kinase Cδ (PKCδ) negative regulator

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A novel antitumor agent Vendolin has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects; a monomeric vinblastine, which exhibits anti-mitotic activity by inhibiting the assembly of microtubules.

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Alkaloids exist in nature (mainly plants, but some also exist in animals), a type of nitrogen-containing basic organic compounds, which have alkaloid-like properties. According to the basic structure of alkaloids, it can be divided into about 60 categories. Main types: organic amines, pyrrolidines, pyridines, isoquinolines, indoles, scopolamines, imidazoles, quinazolones, purines, steroids, diterpenes, and others.
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