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Diagnostic Agents

Saccharin Sodium Dihydrate

Saccharin sodium is a commonly used synthetic sweetener. It is not absorbed in the human body and does not generate heat. Can be used for plum and tangerine peel, the maximum use amount is 5.0g/kg, the maximum use amount in melon seeds is 1.2g/kg Chemicalbook; in beverages, wine preparations, ice cream, ice cream, popsicles, pickles, compound seasonings, preserves, cakes, biscuits The maximum use amount in bread is 0.15g/kg; the concentrated juice is added at 80% of the concentration ratio.

Barium Carbonate

1. Preparation of barium standard solution. It is used in ceramic glazes, cement, bricks and in rat poison.
2. Preparation of barium standard solutions.

O-Benzoic Sulfimide Sodium Salt

Non-nutritive sweetener. Used as a food sweetener and diagnostic medicine


Barite is widely distributed in nature and occurs as the mineral barite (also known as barytes or heavy spar). It often is associated with other metallic ores, such as fluorspar. Barites containing over 94% BaSO4 can be processed economically.
Barite has many commercial applications. It is used as natural barite, or precipitated BaSO4. The precipitated salt in combination with equimolar amount of co-precipitated zinc sulfide formerly was used as a white protective coating pigment, known a


Water-soluble contrast agent, commonly used for urography, but also for renal, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, etc.


Used as an acid-base indicator, the color range of pH: 6.8 (sulfur) -8.4 (red). Also used in biochemical research. Purpose: Acid-base indicator, color change range pH: 6.8 (yellow) -8.4 (red). Full measurement of blood carbon dioxide, preparation of disaccharide iron urea medium indicator in bacterial serum test. Its sodium salt is used to determine liver function. Also used in biochemical research.

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Iopromide, also known as Uvixine and Iopramide, is a non-ionic hypotonic contrast agent that was launched in Switzerland in 1986. This product can reduce the adverse reactions caused by high osmotic pressure. The solution is neutral, so it will not affect the charged protein and cell membrane structure, nor will it interfere with the electrolyte balance in the body, so it has little effect on red blood cells, endothelial cells and body fluids. Its advantages are: directly used for angiography, basically no pain; good tolerance of endothelial cells; slight adverse reactions; almost no effect on heart rhythm; and no reduction of myocardial contractility; good tolerance of the nervous system; oral administration of the drug The fluid is not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. It is injected into the blood vessel and quickly distributed in the extracellular fluid. A few minutes after intravenous injection, the drug concentration in the kidney reaches its peak, followed by the blood and liver, and the least in the muscle.

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Iopamidol, also known as iodoisopeptidol, iodopentaol, iopermitol, iopira, iodopydo, and iodomethasone, is a non-ionic water-soluble contrast agent, which is used for imaging diagnostics. Its chemical structure is The amide compound of triiodoisophthalic acid derivative has low toxicity to blood vessel wall and neurotoxicity, good local and systemic tolerance, low osmotic pressure, low viscosity, good contrast, stable injection, and very little deiodination in the body. It is suitable for Myelography and use in patients with high risk factors for contrast agent reaction. After intravascular injection of iopamidol, it is mainly excreted through the kidneys.

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It is suitable for spinal cord subarachnoid angiography to diagnose spinal cord compression, spinal cord cavity obstruction, spinal cord tumors, spinal arthropathy, intervertebral disc displacement, etc. It can also be used for ventriculography, amnography, lymphangiography. Emulsion injection can be used for fistula angiography and postoperative "T" tube cholangiography.

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Diagnostic agents refer to diagnostic reagents prepared using principles or methods such as immunology, microbiology, and molecular biology, and used in vitro for the diagnosis, detection, and epidemiological investigation of human diseases. Diagnostic agents can be divided into two categories: in vivo diagnostic reagents and in vitro diagnostic reagents. Except for the in vivo diagnostic reagents used for diagnosis, such as old tuberculin, brucellin, and Sickle toxin, most of them are in vitro diagnostic products. "Circulatory System Drugs" on ECHEMI includes organ function test agent, medical imaging drugs, and mainly supplies APIs for such drugs.
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