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Coating Additive

Caustic Soda

1. Basic and important chemical feed, used as textiles industry, printing, detergent, paper-making, soap-mak inmetallurgy, glass enamel, medica mentoil-refining and making synthetic fiber, plastics, and many kinds of organic-mediacy.
2. Choline acetyltransferase substrate.
3. Used as alkalimetric titrant, buffers, pH modifiers.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminium oxide is a chemical compound of aluminium and oxygen with the chemical formula Al2O3. It is the most commonly occurring of several aluminium oxides, and specifically identified as aluminium(III) oxide. It is commonly called alumina, and may also be called aloxide, aloxite, or alundum depending on particular forms or applications. It occurs naturally in its crystalline polymorphic phase α-Al2O3 as the mineral corundum, varieties of which form the precious gemstones ruby and sapphire. Al2O3 is significant in its use to produce aluminium metal, as an abrasive owing to its hardness, and as a refractory material owing to its high melting point.


1. Reported to bind monsaccharides in the presence of polysaccharides
2. It is used in the manufacturing of antihistamines, hypnotics, insecticides.

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Potassium Persulfate

Potassium persulfate is the inorganic compound with the formula K2S2O8. Also known as potassium peroxydisulfate or KPS, it is a white solid that is highly soluble in water. This salt is a powerful oxidant, commonly used to initiate polymerizations.

Ammonium Persulfate

Used for detection and determination of manganese and iron.


It is used as hot die forging lubrication and cooling insulation release, used as high temperature resistant corrosion resistant lubricant base material, also used for precision casting sand, graphite anode and catalyst carrier.

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Silicon carbide

The hardness is very large, about 9 degrees Mohs. After grinding, it can be used as grinding powder, polishing paper, friction surface of grinding wheel and whetstone. Abrasive. High temperature resistant materials. Manufacturing high-purity single crystals and semiconductors. Used as a soap synergist and to prevent the bar soap from leaching out and blooming. It has a strong emulsifying effect on lubricating oil and fat, and can be used to adjust the pH value of buffer soap. Water softener for industrial water. Leather tanning agent. Dyeing aid. Used as dispersant in the preparation of suspension in paint, kaolin, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate and other industries. Drilling mud dispersant. Used as anti-oil stain agent in paper industry. It can be used as the reinforcing fiber of resin, metal and other composite materials. It can also be used as radio wave absorbing material and heat resistant material. It has quite good high temperature resistance and high strength. It is mainly used for toughening applications that require high-temperature and high-strength application materials. Used in engine burners, high-performance radar materials and infrared fairings, helicopter and jet parts, high-temperature power auxiliary components, etc. in the defense and aerospace fields; used in high-performance multilayer integrated package, multilayer capacitors in the electronics industry ; Used in the automotive industry for catalyst converters, driving system parts, valves and valve seats; in the chemical industry, it can form composite materials with thermoplastic and thermosetting resins to significantly improve the strength, thermal conductivity and wear resistance of plastics. By adding 15% silicon carbide whiskers to PEEK, the thermal conductivity is increased by about 2 times, and the tensile strength of polyimide reinforced with 20% silicon carbide is increased by about 2 times at normal temperature. The effect without enhancement at room temperature is the same. When 15% silicon carbide is added to the epoxy resin, the amount of wear is reduced by 17%. In addition, it is also widely used in ceramics, environmental protection, energy and other fields. Used as a reinforcing fiber and radio wave absorbing material for composite materials such as resins, metals, and ceramics. It is also used as a material for space and space energy. Raw materials for high-density sintered body, high-temperature resistant structural materials, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials. Toxicity and protection allowable concentration 10mg/m3.

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Diacetone Acrylamide

Important vinyl monomer. The homopolymer produced by polymerization is insoluble in water, but has ~~"water respiration~~". The water absorption rate can reach 20-25% of the resin~"s own weight, and when the ambient humidity is lower than 60%, the moisture absorbed by the polymer is released again. The moisture acts as a plasticizer for the polymer. Using this peculiar nature, a variety of applications can be developed. (1) Resins for perm with good moisture resistance Japan uses it for resins for perm with moisture resistance. The hairstyle is kept for a long time, and it is not deformed by rain and rinse. (2) Photosensitive resin This product is used as a part of the raw material of photosensitive resin, which can have the following characteristics: fast photosensitive speed; easy removal of non-image parts after exposure can obtain clear images; can obtain good strength, solvent resistance and water resistance Layout. In addition, it can also be used as a cross-linking agent for unsaturated polyester resins, a cross-linking agent for diallyl phthalate, a curing agent for epoxy resins, such as for ~~"water breathing~~" resin (contact glasses, prevent Glass fogging, ship bottom coatings, etc.), pressure-sensitive adhesives, adhesive modifiers, non-woven fabric adhesives, water-absorbing films, leather finishes and modifiers, paper strength enhancers, antistatic polymers, inks, etc. This product can be used in the production of water treatment agents, such as scale inhibitors, flocculants; temperature and salt resistance drilling fluid loss control agents, oil well cement fluid loss control agents and temperature and salt resistance polymer oil displacement agents. It can also be used in the modification of fiber materials, daily chemicals, printing, papermaking, electronics and photography, medicine and health.

Adopyl Diacidhydrizine

Adipic acid dihydrazide (ADH) is a chemical used for cross-linking water-based emulsions. It can also be used as a hardener for certain epoxy resins. ADH is a symmetrical molecule with a C4 backbone and the reactive group is C=ONHNH2. Dihydrazides are made by the reaction of an organic acid with hydrazine. Other dihydrazides with different backbones are also common, including isophthalic dihydrazide (IDH) and sebacic dihydrazide (SDH).


1. Boron nitride has a variety of excellent properties and is widely used in high-voltage high-frequency electricity and plasma arc insulators, coatings for automatic welding high-temperature resistant frames, materials for high-frequency induction furnaces, solid phase admixtures for semiconductors, and atomic reactors. Structural materials, packaging materials to prevent neutron radiation, radar transmission windows, radar antenna media and rocket engine components, etc. Because of its excellent lubricating properties, it can be used as a high-temperature lubricant and a release agent for various models. Molded boron nitride can make high temperature crucibles and other products. It can be used as a super hard material for geological prospecting, oil drilling and high-speed cutting tools. It can also be used as metal processing abrasive materials, with the characteristics of low surface temperature and few surface defects. Boron nitride can also be used as an additive for various materials. Boron nitride fiber made of boron nitride is a medium modulus high-function fiber. It is an inorganic synthetic engineering material that can be widely used in the chemical industry, textile industry, aerospace technology and other cutting-edge industrial sectors. 2. Use of boron nitride fiber: due to good thermal stability and wear resistance of boron nitride and strong chemical stability, it can be used as a temperature sensor jacket rocket, combustion chamber lining and plasma jet furnace material; used as ceramic matrix composite material Enhancers, antenna window parts for missiles and aircraft, electrical insulators, protective clothing, parachutes that return to the atmosphere, and rocket nozzle nose cones; used in high-temperature lubricants, mold release agents, high-frequency insulation materials and semiconductors Solid phase doped materials, etc. 3. Due to the good thermal stability and wear resistance of boron nitride and strong chemical stability, it can be used as a temperature sensor sleeve to manufacture high-temperature objects such as rockets, combustion chamber linings and plasma jet furnace materials. It can be used as high temperature lubricant, mold release agent, high frequency insulating material and solid phase doping material of semiconductor, etc. Hexagonal boron nitride conversion cube powder can be converted into fibrous form to make it more widely used as superhard materials for electrical insulators, antenna windows, protective clothing, parachutes that return to the atmosphere, and rocket nozzle nose cones.

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Coating additives refer to those ingredients added in a small amount to the coating formulation to control or enhance the performance of the coating. Coating additives can be divided into oil-based coating additives and water-based coating additives. In line with the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection, the development of water-based coating additives has made rapid progress. There are more and more new types of environmentally friendly additives and their applications are becoming more and more extensive, which is the mainstream direction of the future development of coating additives. ECHEMI Coating Additive provides reliable additives products and suppliers.
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