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    China's chemical market is the major driving force in the global chemical market. China's chemical industry mainly has four parts: upstream industry, midstream basic chemicals, midstream fine chemicals and downstream industry. Upstream raw materials include petroleum, natural gas, coal, etc. Their proportions are 19%, 3%, 69% respectively. Midstream basic chemicals include petroleum chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry. Midstream fine chemicals include fine chemical industry and specialty chemicals. Downstream industries include auto industry, textile industry (synthetic material manufacturing), agriculture (pesticide and chemical fertilizer), and construction and real estate (coatings,synthetic materials and other chemicals).
    Since the beginning of the opening up policy, chemicals are the major export products of China. In recent years, China's chemical industry has developed greatly. China's export chemicals are various. Some chemicals have played a key role in some regions. The export volume of sulfide dye has been over 2,000mt every year, and China is the major origion for countries in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The export volume of China's pigments and dyes has exceeded 1,000mt in Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Egypt, Iran, Brazil, Bangladesh, etc. Moreover, China's rubber products also play an important role in the global market. In many chemical fields, the output and export volume of China's chemical products is much higher than that of India. China's role in the global market is getting more and more important.

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