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    API refers to the pharmaceutical raw materials used in the production of various types of preparations. It is the active ingredient in the preparations. It is prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction, or biotechnology for various powders, crystals, and extracts used as medicinal products. Substances that the patient cannot take directly. Complete definition of API in ICH Q7A: It is intended to be used for any substance or mixture of substances in the manufacture of drugs, and when used in pharmaceuticals, it becomes an active ingredient of drugs.

    Inhibitor Drugs

    Inhibitors drugs are psychotropic drugs, and common ones include alcohol, opium, and barbiturates, which inhibit or reduce the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system, thereby suppressing (slowing) mental and physical activity. "Inhibitor Drugs" on Echemi mainly supplies APIs for inhibitor drugs.

    Veterinary Raw Materials

    Veterinary raw materials refer to the pure raw materials of veterinary drugs without other intermediates and auxiliary drugs. "Veterinary Raw Materials" on Echemi mainly supplies raw materials for veterinary medicine.

    Anesthetic Agents

    Anesthetic agents refers to medicines used to make the body or the body temporarily reversible to lose consciousness and pain by drugs or non-drug methods, and is mostly used for surgery or treatment of certain diseases. The types of anesthetic agents include inhalation anesthetics, intravenous anesthetics, and animal compound anesthetics. Commonly used anesthetics in animal experiments are: volatile anesthetics, non-volatile anesthetics and Chinese herbal anesthetics. The "Echemi Anesthetic Agents" list mainly supplies APIs for such drugs.

    Digestive System Drugs

    Digestive system drugs are currently one of the most commonly used drugs in clinic. Digestive System Drugs mainly include liver disease drugs, antacid and mucosal protective drugs, cholagogue drugs, appetite suppressants and other diet pills, gastrointestinal motility drugs, gastrointestinal antispasmodic drugs, laxatives and antidiarrheal Medicines, gastric acid Inhibitors, emetics and antiemetics, digestant drugs and other digestive system drugs. The "Vitamins and Minerals Medicines" of Echemi classification list mainly supplies APIs for such drugs.
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