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    Glyceryl Monostearate

    1. Lonzest(R) GMS is a surfactant used in a variety of markets.
    2. Aldo(R) MS BO KFG is a glycerol ester made from soybean oil derived fatty acid. This product finds uses in both food and cosmetic applications.
    3. Aldo(R) MSD KFG is a self emulsifying nonionic surfactant, used as a lubricant in confectionery, as a release agent and as a dough softener. It is used as a low HLB emulsifier in personal care products where non animal grade products are needed.

    Polyethylene glycol monooleate

    Pegosperse(R) 400 MO is a mid-range HLB, surface active agent suggested for use in animal feed (emulsifier), cosmetics (emulsifier), textile chemicals (emulsifier, lubricant, softener, scouring agent), coatings (emulsifier) and industrial degreasers.

    Propylene glycol monostearate

    Aldo(R) PGME-90 KFG is primarily used as a coemulsifier in conjunction with Aldo(R) mono and diglycerides as well as Glycosperse(R) for food applications

    Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids (PGE)

    Polyaldo(R) HGMP KFG is used as a polysorbate replacer and a crystal inhibitor. It is also a unique bland-tasting food surfactant with minimal restrictions on use level or application. It is used as a polysorbate 60 replacement.

    Caprylic capric triglycerride

    It is an emulsion stabilizer with special nutrition widely used in food, flavor, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries

    Sodium 2-stearoyllactate

    As a W/O food emulsifier, it can be combined with gluten in wheat flour, increasing the stability and elasticity of gluten, making the dough fluffy and soft, and not easy to age. According to my country~"s regulations, it can be used for pastries and bread, with a maximum usage of 2.0g/kg.
    Food emulsifier: A food additive that can significantly reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water after being added to food, so that incompatible oil (hydrophobic substance) and water (hydrophilic substance) form a stable emulsion. The classification of food emulsifiers is generally divided by the structure of hydrophilic groups, that is, according to the type of ions: ionic emulsifiers and nonionic emulsifiers. There are also classifications based on the relative strength of the emulsifier's hydrophilicity and lipophilicity, with (O / W) emulsifiers and lipophilic emulsifiers. "Emulsifier" on Echemi mainly supplies raw materials for food emulsifiers.
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