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    Quinone Ring

    Dihydrotanshinone I

    Dihydrotanshinone I is a natural compound extracted from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge which has been widely used for treating cardiovascular diseases.


    Hypocrellin A, a naturally occurring PKC inhibitor, has many biological and pharmacological properties, such as antitumour, antiviral, antibacterial, and antileishmanial activities. Hypocrellin A is a promising photosensitizer for anticancer photodynamic therapy (PDT)[1][2][3][4].

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    triptoquinone A

    ChEBI: A tricyclic diterpenoid with formula C20H24O4, originally isolated from Tripterygium wilfordii.

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    Quinone rings are a class of chemical components with quinoid structure in traditional Chinese medicine. They are mainly divided into four types: benzoquinone, naphthoquinone, phenanthrenequinone, and anthraquinone. Anthraquinone and its derivatives are particularly important in Chinese medicine. Quinone rings are widely distributed in plants.
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