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    Organometallic Compounds

    Sodium Citrate

    Trisodium citrate has the chemical formula of Na3C6H5O7. It is sometimes referred to simply as sodium citrate, though sodium citrate can refer to any of the three sodium salts of citric acid. It possesses a saline, mildly tart flavor. It is mildly basic and can be used along with citric acid to make biologically compatible buffers.

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    Calcium formate

    Preservative for food, silage; as binder for fine-ore briquets; in drilling fluids and lubricants.


    For waterproofing fabrics, cement, stucco, explosives; as a releasing agent for plastic molding powders; as a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride resins; lubricant; in pencils and wax crayons.Food grade calcium stearate, derived from edible tallow, is used as a conditioning agent in certain food and pharmaceutical products.

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    EDTA 4NA

    Used as a stabilizer for cosmetics, chelating agents for pharmaceuticals, water softeners, synthetic rubber catalysts, acrylic polymerization terminators, printing and dyeing aids, washing aids, etc. Packing: 25kg bag.


    Molasses is the byproduct of the manufacture of sugar from sugar cane in which the syrup is separated from the crystals. the highest grade is edible molasses which is most often found as table syrup. the lowest grade is blackstrap molasses. molasses is a strongly fla- vored, dark colored syrup containing 70–80% solids of which 50–75% is sucrose and invert sugar. it is used in syrups and in the production of caramel. A type of syrup, molasses is a byproduct of the sugar industry. It is the mother liquor remaining after crystallization and removal of sucrose from the juices of sugar cane or sugar beet and is used in a variety of food and nonfood applications.


    It is a non-nutritive synthetic sweetener. Its sweetness is 30 times that of sucrose and its price is only 3 times that of sucrose. It is not as bitter as saccharin. When it is used in a large amount, it has a bitter taste. Therefore, it can be used as a general-purpose food additive in refreshing drinks and juice , Ice cream, pastry food and preserves.

    Potassium Formate

    In fungicides & bactericides for agriculture.

    Monosodium Citrate Anhydrous

    Monosodium citrate, more correctly, sodium dihydrogen citrate, is an acid salt of citric acid. disodium citrate and trisodium citrate are also known. It can be prepared by partial neutralisation of an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate or carbonate with citric acid.It is highly soluble in water and practically insoluble in ethanol. Monosodium citrate is used as an anticoagulant in donated blood.

    Edta Ferric Sodium Salt

    Used as a micronutrient fertilizer, an additive in the food industry, a catalyst in the chemical industry and bleaching agent in the photographic industry.
    An organic compound formed by directly connecting a metal atom and a carbon atom to form a bond is called an organometallic compound, that is, a compound containing an M-C bond. Organometallic compounds are also called metallo-organic compounds. Organometallic compounds are a class of extremely useful synthetic reagents. In recent years, due to the promotion and application of various organometallic compounds in the study of biological activity, the research and application of the bioactivity and pharmacological effects of organometallic compounds have been increasingly developed.
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