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    Paint Pigment & Filler

    Titanium Dioxide

    Component of porcelain enamels & glazes-eg, as opacifier.Used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber and other industries. Edible white pigment; compatibilizer. Silica and/or alumina are commonly used as dispersion aids. As a food coloring agent, my country stipulates that it can be used in preserved fruit, the maximum use amount is: 10g/kg; in candy coating, the maximum use amount is 2.0g/kg. White inorganic pigment. It is the strongest kind of white pigments, has excellent hiding power and color fastness, and is suitable for opaque white products. The rutile type is especially suitable for plastic products used outdoors, and can give the products good light stability. Anatase is mainly used for indoor products, but it has a slight blue light, high whiteness, large hiding power, strong coloring power and good dispersion. Titanium dioxide is widely used as a pigment for paint, paper, rubber, plastic, enamel, glass, cosmetics, ink, watercolor and oil paint, and can also be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, radio, ceramics, and welding electrodes. In recent years, it has been discovered that nano-sized titanium dioxide has some special uses, such as sunscreen cosmetics, wood protection, food packaging materials, agricultural plastic films, natural and man-made fibers, transparent exterior durable topcoats and effect pigments, and can also be used as high-efficiency Photocatalysts, adsorbents, solid lubricant additives, etc. Used in paint, plastic, rubber and other industries

    Zinc oxide

    Mainly used in rubber or cable industry as a reinforcing agent and activator, as a colorant and filler for white glue, and as a vulcanizing agent in neoprene; used as a fine desulfurization of raw gas in the fertilizer industry; Used as white pigment, rubber vulcanization activator, reinforcing agent, organic synthesis catalyst, desulfurizer, used for electrostatic photocopying, pharmaceuticals, etc.; used for desulfurization of synthetic ammonia, petroleum and natural gas chemical raw materials

    Calcium Carbonate

    Used to improve the flexural resistance of PVC soft products. It is also widely used in rubber, adhesives and sealants as fillers and reinforcing agents; used as analytical reagents, reference reagents, silicon single crystal slice glue and thick film capacitor materials ; Mainly used as filling and reinforcing materials in rubber, plastics and coating industries; used in the production of cement, ceramics, lime, carbon dioxide, chalk, artificial stone, putty, and used as pigments, neutralizers, polishes, plastics and rubber Filler

    Barium Sulfate

    Finepowder Barium Sulphate is widely used in chemical industrypaint, plastics, rubber,glass, paper, medicine,ceramics, storage battery and other areas;Fine powder Barium Sulphate is widely used in chemical industry

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    Kaolin (China clay) is a mixture of various aluminum silicates. It is often used in powders and masks given its absorbent, abrasive, bulking, and opacifying properties. This white, soft powder has good coverage and absorption abilities for both water and oil, making it an appropriate absorber of the oil and sweat secreted by the skin. It adheres well to the skin’s surface, yet is easily removed with normal cleansing procedures. Kaolin is considered a non-comedogenic raw material.

    Iron Oxide

    1. It has excellent light resistance and high temperature resistance, and is resistant to atmospheric influences, dirt gases, and all alkalis. The concentrated acid is gradually dissolved only under heating. In various types of concrete, prefabricated parts and building product materials are used as pigments or colorants, directly transferred into cement. Various indoor and outdoor colored concrete surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings, pillars, porches, pavements, parking lots, stairs, stations, etc.; various architectural ceramics and glazed ceramics, such as facing bricks, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels , Terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble, etc. 2. Iron oxide pigments are suitable for various paint coloring and protective substances, including water-based interior and exterior wall coatings, powder coatings, etc.; also suitable for oil-based paints including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers and topcoats; also available Used in toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoretic paint and magnetic paint. 3. Iron Oxide Pigment IronOxideRed is suitable for the coloring of plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and the coloring of rubber products, such as automobile inner tubes, aircraft inner tubes, bicycle inner tubes, etc.

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    Talc Powder

    Talc is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate with the chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 or Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. Talc is used in many industries such as paper making, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

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    Manganese Carbonate

    Manganese carbonate is a compound with the chemical formula MnCO3. Manganese carbonate occurs naturally as the mineral rhodochrosite. Approximately 20,000 metric tonnes were produced in 2005.
    Pigments and fillers are the most widely used powder materials in the field of coatings and paints, which enable coatings to have the functions of coloring, covering, protection, decoration, anti-corrosion, temperature resistance, enhancement, weather resistance, beautification and improvement of living environment. Pigments and fillers for paints can be roughly divided into four categories: color pigments, effect pigments, anti-rust pigments, and fillers. Echemi Paint Pigment & Filler provides pigment and filler products and reliable suppliers.
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