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    Vitamins and Minerals Medicines

    Ascorbic Acid

    1. Antiscorbutic, antiviral
    2. Analgesic, antipyretic
    3. Physiological antioxidant. Coenzyme for a number of hydroxylation reactions; required for collagen synthesis. Widely distributed in plants and animals. Inadequate intake results in deficiency syndromes such as scurvy. Used as antimicrobial and antioxidant in foodstuffs.


    1. Vitamin, coenzyme B12
    2. Prototype of the family of naturally occurring cobalt coordination compounds knows as corrinoids. Analogs of vitamin B12 which differ only in the 尾-ligand of the cobalt are termed cobalamins. Synthesized almost exclusively by bacteria. Dietary sources include fish, meat, liver, and dairy products; plants have little or no cobalamins. Converted by the body into its bioactive forms, methylcobalamin and cobamamide, which serve as enzyme cofactors. Severe deficiency may result in megaloblastic anemia and/or neurological impairment.
    3. A coenzyme for synthesis of nucleic acids and metabolism carbohydrates.


    1. The structural basis for a number of signaling and secondary messenger molecules including; insulin signal transduction, cytoskeleton assembly, nerve guidance, membrane potentials, serotonin activity and the breaking down of fats and reducing cholesterol.
    2. Lipotropic agent
    3. A growth-factor and structural element of secondary messengers in eukaryotic cells

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    1. Found in many plants, especially the buckwheat plant. Identity with Ilixanthin. Capillary protectant. Rutin is colored brown by tobacco enzyme under experimental conditions.
    2. Antidiabetic, dipeptidyl peptidase鈥? inhibitor
    3. For nutritional product

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    1. Local antiseptic
    2. Vitamin B4
    3. Widespread throughout animal and plant tissues combined with niacinamide, d-ribose, and phosphoric acids; a constituent of nucleic acids and coenzymes, such as codehydrase I and II, adenylic acid, coalaninedehydrase. It is used in microbial determination of niacin; in research on heredity, virus diseases, and cancer.
    4. Enteric coating
    5. A purine nucleobase and a component of DNA

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    Sheep Placenta Extract

    Niacin feed grade is used as vitamin for poultry, swines, ruminants, fish, dogs and cats, etc. It is also used as intermediate for nicotinic acid derivatives and technical applications. WWW Link

    Zinc Sulfate

    Microbiocide, herbicide, rayon manufacture, dietary supplement, animal feeds, mordant, wood preservative, analytical reagent.

    Calcium Pantothenate

    A member of the B complex vitamins; essential vitamin for the biosynthesis of coenzyme A in mammalian cells. Occurs ubiquitously in all animal and plant tissue. The richest common source is liver, but jelly of the queen bee contains 6 times as much as liver. Rice bran and molasses are other good sources.
    Recognizing that the important role of certain vitamins and minerals is not just to prevent deficiency diseases, the American Academy of Sciences is currently considering the use of evidence of reduced risk of chronic diseases to formulate recommended dietary supplies (RDAs). More and more evidence proves that the intake of certain micronutrients exceeds RDA will reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Vitamins and Minerals Medicines mainly include: multivitamin drugs, trace elements and minerals medicines, vitamins AD drugs, vitamin B drugs, vitamin C drugs and nutrition drugs. The "Echemi Vitamins and Minerals Medicines" list mainly supplies APIs for such drugs.
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