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    Anti-stress Drugs


    Anticholinergic drugs have atropine and papaverine-like effects. This product has antispasmodic and anti-gastric acid secretion effects, and can normalize gastrointestinal function; this product can still inhibit sweat gland secretion, so it can be used to treat hyperhidrosis.

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    Anti-stress drugs refer to drugs that relieve and prevent stress syndrome caused by stressors, and can be divided into stress preventive agents, pro-adapters, or stress relievers. At present, commonly used anti-stress drugs include sugars (such as glucose, active polysaccharides, chitosan, etc.), vitamins, amino acids (lysine, methionine, tryptophan, taurine, glutamine, etc.) ), Electrolyte minerals (sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, organic magnesium, selenium, zinc, chromium), organic acids (citric acid, malic acid, humic acid, betaine, etc.) ), Vitamins, chemical drugs, Chinese herbal medicine, etc. "Anti-stress Drugs" on Echemi mainly supplies APIs for anti-stress drugs.
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