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Water Retention Agent

Monocalcium Phosphate

Chiefly in fertilizers; as acidulant in baking powders and in wheat flours; mineral supplement for foods and feeds; in enameling.

Calcium Dihydrogen Phoshate

Used in refractory industry, sewage treatment, etc. as a leavening agent and calcium fortifier for food, flavoring agent for wine, fermentation promoter, etc.; widely used as feed additive for aquaculture animals and livestock and poultry animals. Used as analytical reagent and plastic fixative; used as plastic stabilizer and additive for glass production, used as baking powder starter, yeast nutrient, calcium nutritional supplement and bulking agent in the food industry
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Food water retention agent is simply a mineral salt. Phosphoric acid is extracted from phosphate rock, and then various phosphates are generated according to the acid-base neutralization reaction. Its main component is phosphorus, which is widely present in various living bodies and is one of the substances that maintain normal life activities. The application range of water retention agent is wide, such as meat processing, aquatic product processing, frozen conditioning food processing, and catering ingredients, such as meatballs, beef and mutton slices, kebabs, etc. "Water Retention Agent" on Echemi mainly supplies raw materials for food water retention agent.
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