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Leavening Agent

Aluminum, Azanium, Disulfate

Baking powder processing, fried food, jellyfish flooding, vermicelli processing, fruit and vegetable preservation and crispness, color protection, water purification and environmental protection, disinfection, rubber processing, leather making, washing powder processing, feed processing, pencil making.
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The leavening agent is added to the baked food mainly made of wheat flour, and is decomposed by heat during the process, generating gas, causing the dough to rise, forming a dense porous structure, so that the product is bulky, soft or crisp Substance. It is usually used in the process of making baked goods such as pastries, biscuits, bread, buns, etc., which is mainly based on wheat flour, to expand its volume and loose structure. The leavening agent can be divided into three categories: inorganic leavening agent, organic leavening agent and biological leavening agent. "Leavening Agent" on ECHEMI mainly supplies raw materials for leavening agents.
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