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Liquid Chromatography


For use in embryo manipulation.

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Propylene Carbonate

As a high-efficiency solvent, it can be used to remove carbon dioxide from petroleum gas, petroleum cracking gas, oil field gas and ammonia synthesis gas. It can also be used as plasticizer, spinning solvent or water-soluble dye, pigment dispersant, oily solvent and Extractant for olefins and aromatics.


Solvent to facilitate formation of alkali metal-hydrocarbon adducts, in reformatsky reaction with methyl gamma-bromocrotonate.

Petroleum Ether

1. Used in organic synthesis and chemical raw materials such as synthetic rubber, plastic, nylon monomer, synthetic detergent, pesticides, etc. It is also a good organic solvent. 2. Mainly used as a solvent and as an extractant for foaming medicines and flavors of foamed plastics.


It can be used as solvent for catalyst in polyethylene production, foaming agent for expandable polystyrene, foaming agent for polyurethane foam system, deasphalting solvent, etc.

Fluorescein 6-isothiocyanate

Fluorescent labeling reagent for proteins.Used in the fluorescent antibody technique for rapid identification of pathogens.


A water soluble pH dependent bifunctional fluorogenic reagent for the sensitive and specific detection of protein thiols.ABD-F is highly reactive and specific for protein thiols, and its selectivity is superior to that of other sulfhydryl-reactive fluorophores such as fluorescein maleimide, 5-iodoacetamidofluorescein, 5-I-AEDANS, dansylaziridine, and bimane.Fluorescence:max Abs. l = 385nm, max Em. l = 520nm; Molar Abs. > 4.5x103 (ca. 315nm)

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Liquid chromatography is one of the most important methods for trace analysis of material components. The two phases in chromatographic analysis refer to a stationary phase with a large specific surface area and a mobile phase carrying the mixture to be separated through the stationary phase. Liquid chromatography is used for the mobile phase. Liquid chromatography is also called "liquid chromatography". A method for chromatographic analysis. The mobile phase used is liquid. Because the liquid in the chromatography column is more resistant than the gas, in order to improve the analysis speed, the high-pressure infusion method is usually used, so it is also called "high-pressure liquid chromatography". According to the different stationary phases, it can be divided into liquid-solid chromatography and liquid-liquid chromatography; according to the type of equilibrium that occurs between the stationary phase and the mobile phase, it can be divided into adsorption chromatography, partition chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, and gel chromatography. Used for separation and analysis of organic matter, inorganic matter and polymer liquid.
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