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Organic Fluorine Compound


2,6-Difluoroaniline is also an important pesticide intermediate, which can produce the herbicide flufentrazone (English name: Flumetsulam, alias: flumetsulam, CAS: 98967-40-9). Used in the manufacture of various insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, and is an important intermediate for medicines and pesticides


Because polymer cement mortar is the same as ordinary cement mortar, it is easy to construct, suitable for wet surface bonding, and has a wide range of applicability. It can be used for industrial and civil constructions such as hydraulic engineering, port engineering, highway, bridge, metallurgy and chemical industry (urea chlorine gangue) Repair new chemical materials such as anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, and anti-freezing of steel structure concrete; intermediates of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and liquid crystal materials


This product is an important intermediate for the synthesis of fluorine-containing herbicides, medicines and dyes. Used as dye, medicine, pesticide intermediate


4-Bromo-2,6-difluoroaniline is used in the preparation of potent, VEGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Used as intermediates in medicine, pesticide and organic synthesis

2,4-Difluorophenylboronic acid

2,4-Difluorophenylboronic acid is used as a reagent for the suzuki-miyaura coupling reaction, for example, in the synthesis of enantiomerically pure 3,3'-diarylated diol derivatives. It is also used to synthesize high-efficiency fluorescent iridium (III) complexes for photodiodes. It is widely used in Suzuki coupling reactions.


2-Chloro-4-fluorotoluene is used as a reagent in the synthesis of 6-amino-8-methylquinolone derivatives which have antibacterial activity. Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.


3-Trifluoromethylaniline is an intermediate of the herbicides fluroxypyr, flurochloridone and pyrfluranil, as well as a pharmaceutical intermediate, such as used in the synthesis of flufenamate, moniflufen, fluphenazine , Triflupromazine, Fluxaran, etc. An important intermediate for dyes, medicines and pesticides. Used in the manufacture of antipsychotics, fluphenazine, triflurazine, trifloperidin, etc. Used in the synthesis of herbicides such as fluridone, flurochloridone, Norflurazon, etc., to control broad-leaved weeds and perennial weeds such as wheat fields and cotton fields. Mainly used as pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye intermediates


An important pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate, used in the pharmaceutical industry to synthesize insecticides, gastrointestinal drugs and antiviral drugs, etc., in the agricultural field for the synthesis of herbicides, plant growth regulators and in environmental engineering Algaecide. Used as intermediate of medicine, pesticide and dye intermediate Sobiner; used as intermediate of medicine, pesticide and dye

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Organic fluorine compounds are a type of elemental organic compounds in which the hydrogen bonded to the carbon atom in the organic compound molecule is replaced by fluorine. Compounds in which all carbon-hydrogen bonds in the molecule are converted into carbon-fluorine bonds are called perfluorinated organic compounds, and partially substituted ones are called monofluoro or polyfluoro organic compounds. Polyfluoro organic compounds have the characteristics of chemical stability, surface activity and excellent temperature resistance. Organic fluorine compounds are divided into the following categories: fluorine-containing hydrocarbons, fluorine-containing olefins, fluorine-containing aromatic hydrocarbons, and fluorine-containing cobalt.
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