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Sodium Gluconate

Food additives, electroplating complexing agents, water stabilizers, leveling agents for printing and dyeing industry, steel surface treatment agents, etc.Used in the pharmaceutical industry.Nutritional supplements, chelating agents, yeast foods.Nutritional supplements, chelating agents, yeast foods.

Sodium propionate

Primary uses: Antifungal agent, antiseptic agent (topical), disinfectant, food additive, ophthalmic agent.
It is used primarily as a mold inhibitor in bakery products. It is approved for use as a food additive in the EU, USA and Australia and New Zealand (where it is listed by its INS number 281). Chemically synthesized sodium propionate is most commonly used as a preservative in the food industry. It prevents the growth of mold and some bacteria, thereby prolonging the shelf life of pack

Sodium formaldehyde bisulfite

Formaldehyde Sodium Bisulfite is used in the preparation of oil-soluble sulfonate additives used in improving anticorrosive, dispersant and antioxygenic properties of lubricant oils. Also used in chemical reactions in the preparation of chiral salen Mn(III) catalysts or lignosulfonates as dispersant for gypsum paste.

Potassium Sodium Tartrate

Used as baking powder in the food industry, plate making and mirror making in the printing industry.Used for the preparation of Fehling solution and Ban's solution, and also used as piezoelectric element.Used as baking powder in the food industry, plate making, mirror making in the printing industry, and reducing agent in the thermos industry

Trimagnesium Dicitrate

Magnesium citrate (3:2) (3 magnesium atoms per 2 citrate molecules), also called trimagnesium dicitrate, trimagnesium citrate, or the ambiguous name magnesium citrate (which can also mean magnesium citrate (1:1)), is a salt of magnesium and citric acid. It is not very soluble in water and has a bitter taste. It contains 16.2% magnesium by weight. Compared to magnesium citrate (1:1), it is much less water-soluble, more alkaline, and contains 42.6% more magnesium by weight.

3-Chloro-2-Hydroxypropanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt

The sodium 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate molecular structure contains both a highly active halogen atom and a hydroxyl group, as well as a hydrophilic sulfonate group. It is an important functional monomer in the synthetic polymer industry. It can be used as an organic chemical intermediate, used in the preparation of surfactants, modified starches, drilling fluid fluid loss materials, psychotropic drugs and other products. Sodium 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate is a kind of chloroalkane containing hydroxyl group and sodium sulfonate group. It can be made into amphoteric surfactant containing sulfonic acid group by alkylation reaction with amide. The research results show that The amphoteric surfactant containing sulfo group is a kind of surfactant with high temperature resistance and salt resistance and high activity. Under alkaline conditions, sodium 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropanesulfonate can undergo etherification reaction with starch to produce sulfonic acid group-containing starch derivative 2-hydroxy-3-sulfonate sodium propyl starch ether. The starch derivative containing sulfonic acid group is an excellent drilling fluid loss material.

Disodium Succinate

Flavoring agent; sour agent; buffering agent. Mainly used for ham, sausage, aquatic products, seasoning liquid, etc., the general dosage is 0.01%~0.05%. As a condiment, powdered anhydrous is generally used to accelerate the dissolution.


It can be used in metal cutting fluid, anti-rust fluid, latex paint, adhesive, leather products, textile products, copper paper and other fields.Used in various antifungal drugs and shampoo and skin care products in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, it not only prevents product corruption and mildew, but also relieves itching and dandruff, which is very effective.It is an excellent disinfectant for silkworms.Products such as disinfectants, detergents and medical broad-spectrum antifungal dermatological drugs can be formulated.

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Used as an analytical reagent, such as a matching extractant, a matching masking agent, and a buffer.Analytical reagent, determination of phosphate in fertilizer.Determination of phosphate in fertilizers. Used as a buffer. Rust inhibitor. Plasticizer.

Sodium alginate

In the manufacture of ice cream where it serves as a stabilizing colloid, insuring creamy texture and preventing the growth of ice crystals.In drilling muds; in coatings; in the flocculation of solids in water treatment; as sizing agent; thickener; emulsion stabilizer; suspending agent in soft drinks; in dental impression preparations.Pharmaceutic aid (suspending agent).
Organometalate, also known as organic conductor, is a type of conductive organic charge transfer compound. Such complexes are composed of electron donors and electron acceptors. Typical examples are TTF-TCNQ, TTF-TNAF complex. According to the degree of charge transfer, it can be divided into molecular crystals and charge transfer crystals.
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