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Nitrogen Compounds


Detection and determination of Ni and its separation from Co and many other metals.Forms a scarlet red ppt with Ni even in dil solutions.Separation of Pd from Sn, Au, Rh, and Ir, also to detect Bi with which it forms a bright yellow color and ppt.

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This product is used in organic synthesis. As an analytical reagent. Used to determine cobalt. Intermediates for caffeine, theophylline, and SMD; reagents for testing cobalt, organic synthesis, new boiler water deoxidizers, pharmaceuticals, pesticide intermediates, etc. It is a raw material for medicines, pesticides, dyes and organic silicon coupling agents. It can also be used for analytical reagents to identify nickel, cobalt, etc.

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Guanidine Nitrate

Guanidine nitrate is not only a raw material for the insecticide imidacloprid, but also an intermediate in the synthesis of nitroguanidine in the next step. It can also be used as an intermediate for a variety of sulfonylurea herbicides, such as bensulfuron-methyl and pyridinesulfuron-methyl. , Chlorsulfuron, etc. In addition, it is also used to synthesize sulfa drugs and as a raw material for the manufacture of explosives, photographic materials, and disinfectants. Used to test the preparation of guanidine salts and explosives in complex acids, also used as disinfectants; used to make guanidine carbonate and other guanidine salts, and also used to make photographic materials, disinfectants and explosives, etc.


Acetaldehyde oxime is an intermediate in the synthesis of pesticides methomyl, thiodicarb, and alpincarb. Used in organic synthesis. Used as organic synthesis intermediates, pesticide methomyl intermediates, boiler water deoxidizers, etc.; test cobalt, copper and nickel. Boiler water deoxidizer, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

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Used in the production of carbamate products, plugging removal acidifier for tertiary oil recovery

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Organic Nitrogen Compounds generally refer to organic compounds containing carbon-nitrogen bonds in the molecule, including amines, nitrogen heterocycles, nitriles, nitro compounds and the like. Organic nitrogen-containing compounds are widespread in nature and are a very important class of compounds. Many organic nitrogen-containing compounds have biological activities, such as alkaloids; some are indispensable substances for life activities, such as amino acids; many drugs and dyes are also organic nitrogen compounds.
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