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Flour Treatment Agent

Vital wheat gluten

Special breakfast foods and other cereals and foods, cattle food, adhesives, production of certain amino acids. Gluten is a protein complex formed when water is kneaded with wheat flour which brings about the removal of a large portion of the starch. it forms the elastic framework of dough, entrapping the gas produced by the fermentation of leavening action which results in a risen dough of desired loaf volume and structure. gliadin is of lower molecular weight and provides extensibility as compared to glutenin, which is of higher molecular weight and contributes elas- ticity. gluten is available as wheat gluten, corn gluten, and zein. vital wheat gluten is the most widely used. see wheat gluten. Wheat Gluten is the water-insoluble complex protein fraction sepa- rated from wheat flours. gum gluten is wheat gluten in its freshly extracted wet form. dry gluten is approximately 70–80% protein but is deficient in the amino acid lysine. it absorbs two to three times its weight in water. the differences in properties of wheat glu- ten in comparison to almost all other food proteins are largely due to the low polarity level of the total amino acid structure. most food proteins have polar group levels of 30–45% and have a net negative charge, while wheat gluten has a polar group level of approximately 10% with a net positive charge. this results in the repulsion of excess water and the close association of the wheat gluten molecules and resistance to dispersion. in baked goods, this results in the ability to form adhesive, cohesive masses, films, and three-dimensional net- works. gluten formation is utilized in the baking industry to impart dough strength, gas retention, structure, water absorption, and retention with breads, cakes, doughnuts, and so on. it is also used as a formulation aid, binder, filler, and tableting aid. see gluten; vital wheat gluten.


BinderSodium stearyl fumarate: Used as a lubricant for tablets and capsules. The usual amount is 0.5 to 2.0%. It is also used in some foods. It is a hydrophilic lubricant, soluble in water, but its solubility is significantly affected by water temperature. The solubility in water at 25°C is very small. When the amount is slightly larger, white floating matter (sodium stearyl fumarate) will appear on the surface of the effervescent solution, which will affect the solution Appearance and taste.

Corn Gluten Meal

Nutrition enhancer (protein supplement); tissue improver; flour strong gluten agent.

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Flour treatment agents are a class of additives that brighten flour and improve the quality of baked products. The agents mainly include flour bleaching agent, flour gluten agent, flour reducing agent and flour filler. "Flour Treatment Agent" on ECHEMI mainly supplies raw materials for flour treatment agents.
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