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Biochemical Reagents


For preparing curcuma paper, ph range 8-9, in detection of boron.


As a reagent for the determination of iron.

Pigment Red 3

Toluidine Red is a oil soluble dye. Toluidine Red has been shown to cause hematopoietic cell proliferation in the spleen, liver, and bone marrow of rats.

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Carnauba Wax

Wherever a hard, high-polish wax is desired, e.g. in automobile waxes, floor wax emulsions, high quality shoe polishes, in the paper industry (especially for making carbon papers). As a plasticizer in dental impression compounds. To raise the melting point of other waxes; often used together with candelilla wax. The presence of the lower-melting ouricury wax is considered as an adulteration. Purified and bleached carnauba wax is used for cosmetic materials, such as depilatories and deodorant sticks. In pharmacy as the last stage in tablet coating. Skin sensitization or irritation by carnauba wax seems infrequent. carnauba wax is used to firm and texturize cosmetic preparations, and give them a less fluid consistency. Carnauba wax also forms a protective layer on the skin’s surface. It has the highest melting point among natural plant waxes and does not usually cause allergic reactions. This wax is obtained from leaves and leaf buds of the Brazilian wax palm. Carnauba Wax is a general purpose food additive that is a hard and brittle wax. it is obtained from the leaf buds and leaves of the brazilian wax palm copernicia cerifera. it is the hardest wax known and is used in candy glaze.

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Dimercapto Thiadiazole (DMTD)

Pharmaceutical intermediates; metallic passivator;antioxidant
Biochemical reagents refer to biological materials or organic compounds related to life science research, as well as reagents for clinical diagnosis and medical research. Biochemical reagents can be divided into amino acids, molecular weights, proteins, proteins, nucleotides, nucleic acids, enzymes, coenzymes, sugars, esters, hormones, etc. according to the substances contained in biological tissues or generated during metabolic processes; According to the needs of biological research, it can be divided into electrophoresis reagents, chromatography reagents, immunological reagents, labeling reagents, histochemical reagents, etc.
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