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    Chemical enterprises to resume production must do so

    Echemi 2019-11-12


    On October 29, Jiangsu Provincial Department of emergency management issued a notice on taking effective measures to effectively strengthen the work of production safety in chemical enterprises such as production suspension, resumption and withdrawal. According to the notice, the safety risk management and control of enterprises that have been shut down or closed down, the implementation of safety measures for enterprises that have resumed production, the on-site safety management of enterprises that have been shut down or withdrawn, and the safety supervision and law enforcement shall be strengthened.

    The specific notice is as follows: Jiangsu provincial emergency management department's notice on taking effective measures to effectively strengthen the work of production safety in chemical enterprises. It is required to take effective measures to effectively strengthen the work of production safety in chemical enterprises, such as production suspension, resumption of production, closure and withdrawal, prevent and resolve major safety risks, and curb all kinds of production safety accidents. The following work measures are proposed. Strengthen the safety risk management and control of production and shutdown Enterprises. Warning signs shall be set up for high-risk areas, key parts and key equipment, warning areas shall be set up, person in charge of risk control shall be designated, and risk prevention and emergency response measures shall be implemented.

    The qualified production equipment has been removed, purged and replaced, and analyzed. Isolation and isolation measures such as disconnection or installation of blind plates shall be taken between the equipment and facilities where materials are stored. Closed valves shall not be used to replace blind plates to prevent materials from entering or leaking into related devices. Except for the necessary power supply for fire fighting, emergency, lighting, video monitoring, cooling and heat preservation, all other power supplies shall be cut off. The general and separate electrical switches shall be turned to the off position step by step and special personnel shall be assigned for inspection and maintenance.

    Prepare safe disposal plan for hazardous materials, implement safe disposal measures such as cleaning and cleaning of tanks, pipelines, reactors and other equipment and facilities involving hazardous materials, and properly dispose of waste hazardous chemicals, waste liquid, waste residue and other hazardous wastes. All kinds of raw materials, products and recycled materials transferred into the warehouse shall be stored in different areas in strict accordance with the relevant standards, and records and marks shall be made. It is strictly prohibited to store and mix excessive, excessive, excessive varieties and mutually prohibited mixtures. Daily maintenance management shall be strengthened for key equipment and facilities such as reaction kettle, distillation tower and storage tank with inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful materials, to ensure safety accessories are in good condition, and it is strictly prohibited to remove or stop using safety facilities. DCS system, safety instrument system, emergency cut-off facilities, combustible and toxic gas detection and alarm system, fire alarm system, video monitoring system, fire water system, etc. shall always be in normal state. In view of the fact that there are inflammable and explosive materials in some equipment and facilities and the original steam fire-extinguishing system fails due to shutdown, effective fire-extinguishing measures shall be formulated, disposal scheme shall be changed, emergency equipment shall be equipped, training and drill shall be carried out.

    Strictly implement the leadership on duty system, clarify responsibilities, implement 24-hour patrol, handle all kinds of abnormal conditions and emergency events in time, and truly record the on duty situation. Arrange operators to be on duty, strictly monitor the equipment and facilities such as tanks, kettles, tanks and warehouses with materials in real time, strictly control the process indexes, conduct patrol inspection on time, and do well in the original records and shift handover. Second, strengthen the implementation of safety measures for enterprises returning to work.

    Prepare special plans for returning to work and organize demonstration, comprehensively identify the safety risks of returning to work, clarify the organizational system and responsibilities at all levels, formulate the feeding and start-up procedures, improve the start-up operation procedures, equip with emergency protection equipment, and implement the system of leadership and professional and technical personnel on duty.

    Special training shall be carried out for all management personnel, professional and technical personnel and post operators involved in the start-up, and corresponding examination and assessment shall be carried out, familiar with the start-up plan, start-up procedures and operation procedures, and master the handling measures for abnormal conditions; at least one emergency plan practical drill shall be carried out before the resumption of work. Strengthen the troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers, and eliminate the hidden dangers in time according to the requirements of "five implementation". Before feeding and start-up, all kinds of potential safety hazards and problems must be rectified and closed-loop management must be completed. It is strictly prohibited to operate the equipment and facilities "with faults".

    Prepare the safety condition checklist for device start-up, organize the professional team to check item by item and sign for confirmation. Before resumption of work and production, all kinds of administrative approval and change procedures must be complete and effective, and all safety facilities must be in good condition and meet the start-up safety conditions.

    Make a start-up plan scientifically, coordinate the start-up progress as a whole, deal with all kinds of abnormal conditions in the process of start-up in a timely manner, in case of any situation that is difficult to be handled effectively, stop and evacuate the vehicle immediately. It is strictly forbidden to rush to the construction period to rush for the progress and drive blindly. Strengthen the on-site safety management of shut down and exit Enterprises. Before the removal of the plant and equipment, it is not allowed to rent or lend the factory buildings, devices, equipment facilities and sites, or use the original devices, equipment, facilities and other illegal production and operation activities.

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