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Sericite structure
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  • Synonyms:

    mica;Muscovite;12001-26-2;Chacaltaite;Astrolit;Astrolite;Cogemika;Serikuron;Muscovite sheet

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    Inorganic Chemistry  >  Non-metallic Minerals

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Colorless, odorless flakes or sheets of hydrous silicates.

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Basic Attributes

  • 12001-26-2

  • Al2H2K2O6Si

  • 258.25700

  • 257.85300

  • 77.51000

  • -0.81820

  • 603-531-1


  • 6

  • 0

  • 0


  • MICA, a generic term, refers to any of a group of approximately 30 silicate minerals occurring as non-fibrous plates. Muscovite (hydrated aluminium potassium silicate[KAl2(AlSi3O10)(F, OH)2 ])and phlogopite (potassium magnesium aluminum silicate hydroxide) are the two major micas of commerce. Micas are commonly found in ordinary rocks. Inhalation of mica dust presents an occupational hazard.

  • 2.77

  • 1500 deg C

  • 1.55-1.61

  • Insoluble

  • Store in a dry and well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Keep containers closed when not in use.

  • 0 mmHg (approx)

  • Stable.

Safety Information

  • 2525200000

  • S22

  • P260, P264, P270, P314, P501

  • H372

  • Noncombustible Solid


Flake mica is generally used in various specifications for electronic tube sheets and capacitor sheets used in the radio industry, mica sheets used in motor manufacturing, household electrical appliances, telephones, and lighting. Broken mica can produce all kinds of mica paper as insulation materials. Because of its good dielectric properties, mica has become an important raw material for the power and electronics industries as capacitors and insulating materials. Its good heat resistance can be used as the lining of the smelting furnace, the lining of the rocket launch tube and the ablative layer material of the rocket engine. It can also be used in the production of mechanical parts, light-weight building materials, cable wraps, welding electrodes, and as fillers for papermaking, plastics, and rubber. In addition, it is also used to produce mica ceramics, mica cast products, mica reinforced plastics, pearlescent pigments and new mica building materials. Ultra-fine mica powder as a functional filler for plastics, coatings, paints, rubbers, etc. can improve its mechanical strength, enhance toughness, adhesion resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance.

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