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    Come with Echemi at VIV ASIA 2019

    Echemi 2019-03-13

    No. 1 International Trade Show from Feed to Food for Asia    

    VIV Asia 2019 is an international trade show from feed to food for Asia held by VNU exhibitions. Since the first exhibition, VIV has won a high degree of attention and praise from its exhibitors and visitors. The booth is even hard to order. Feeling regret not getting the chance to attend this time? Let Echemi take you to view the exhibit at site.




     With more than 1,250 international exhibitors, VIV Asia offers a unique selection, including global market leaders and regional as well as national Asian players of growing importance. VIV Asia 2019 is a multi-species event: it covers pigs, poultry broilers and layers, cattle and calves and aquaculture. It is for the primary producers and processors of each of these animal proteins, along with their suppliers and advisers. Plus, its enhanced Food Engineering section has appeal also for food manufacturers.

    Scope of Exhibits

    •Animal Health   •Breeding & Hatching  •Compound Feed Milling Equipment

    •Early Nutrition   •Farm Management Systems    •Farm Production   •Feed Milling

    •Feed, Ingredients & Additives    •Genetics    •Laboratory Testing Equipment and Services

    •Media & Consultancy    •Pharmaceutical Ingredients    •Processing / Food Engineering

    •Trade & Consumption    •Others


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