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    Furnica Poznan 2017


    Furnica Poznan 2017 is the International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production. The show will be held for a period of four days in Poznan, Poland. It will be involved by leading manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of components, materials and accessories that allow creating even the most ambitious furniture collections. The presence at trade fair involves establishing new and keeping old contacts with industry professionals who are actively looking for the best technological solutions on the market. The manufacturers will get a unique scope for the business promotion in the globe.

    Exhibitor Product profile

    The exhibitors will exhibit their latest and advanced products and services such as Furniture accessories, furniture rollers, furniture hardware, springs, furniture feet, rails for drawers, handles, wood screws, locks, hinges, joints, Semi-finished products and finishing elements, furniture elements, table tops, cupboard door, sliding door, frames, foils, framing, scale boards, polyurethane foams, resin-hardened wood boards, fiber boards, particle boards, plywood, scan wood, upholstery unwoven fabrics and packaging for furniture industry.


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