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    Wanhua Chemical cuts April MDI listing price, Huntsman remains unchanged

    Echemi 2021-03-31

    At the end of March, Wanhua Chemical and Huntsman announced the market listing prices of polymerized MDI and pure MDI respectively. While Wanhua Chemical lowered its listing price, Huntsman kept its price unchanged from March. BASF and Covestro have not disclosed their April listing prices for the time being.


    Wanhua Chemical announced on March 30 that starting from April 2021, the listing price of the company’s polymer MDI distribution market in China will be 25,500 yuan/ton (down 2,500 yuan/ton from the price in March), and the direct market listing price will be 25,500 yuan/ton ( The price is lowered by RMB 2500/ton from March); the listed price of pure MDI is RMB 28,000/ton (no change compared with March).


    Huntsman’s April listing price was announced. Aggregate MDI was implemented at RMB 28,000/ton, which was the same month-on-month. The settlement price in March rose sharply. As for pure MDI, as of March 26, prices of imported goods and Shanghai goods were quoted at RMB 24,000-25500/ton ( (Tax-included bulk orders have been increased since the price), which fell 5.7% from the average price at the beginning of the month.


    From the observation of the downstream market, downstream spandex enterprises maintain around 90%, TPU around 70%, sole raw liquid 60% to 70%, and slurry operation concentrated around 60%. At present, the main focus is on digesting raw material inventory.


    From January to February 2021, many parts of the United States suffered from extreme cold and blizzard weather. BASF, Covestro, and Dow's plants were affected by extreme cold weather, and the installation load was affected to varying degrees. The global MDI supply was significantly reduced, while demand With the gradual recovery of the overseas real estate and transportation industry chain, the export volume of refrigerators and freezers has increased significantly, and the demand for polyurethane chemical fiber products is strong. In terms of exports, according to data from the General Administration of Customs of China, from January to February 2021, China’s export volume of aggregate MDI increased by 78.5% year-on-year. Among them, the volume of exports in February increased by 103.4% year-on-year. The volume of aggregated MDI exported to the Netherlands and the United States from January to February increased by as much as 923.7% and 248.9% year-on-year, respectively. Recently, the supply side Chongqing BASF plans to restart on March 25, but the Ruian plant started to remain low, Japan’s Tosoh Nanyang’s 13+70,000 ton MDI device is scheduled to be overhauled in May, and the European Huntsman plant is scheduled to be overhauled from March to April. , In the short term, the MDI supply side will continue to be tight; however, the downstream is mainly to digest the previous inventory. On the raw material cost side, due to the large number of aniline maintenance devices and the low inventory, the spot is tight. This week, the domestic aniline market price is around 13,300-14,000 yuan/ton, maintaining stability at a high level. It is expected that the domestic prices of polymerized MDI, pure MDI, and TDI will fluctuate and fall back in April, and the overall supply will remain tight, but the downstream will mainly consume pre-stock.

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