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    The price has risen again! Titanium dioxide companies once again held a group to issue a price increase letter

    Echemi 2021-03-31

    Recently, the price of chemical raw materials has skyrocketed, triggering a series of chain reactions in the industrial chain. Affected by the cost of raw material supply and rising prices of auxiliary materials, the sales prices of raw materials such as titanium dioxide will experience an upward adjustment almost every month. Many places have sent letters to increase the price of titanium dioxide. Among them are China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide, Hunan Chuangda Yutu, Yuxing Chemical and other enterprises.


    Huiyun Titanium Industry's titanium dioxide price increases by 1,000 yuan/ton


    On March 30, 2021, Guangdong Huiyun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. issued a notice of titanium dioxide price adjustment letter. Based on the current domestic and international titanium dioxide market conditions, the rise in raw and auxiliary materials and other reasons, combined with the company's actual situation, after the company's research and decision, from now on, the company's various types of titanium dioxide sales prices will be adjusted. The price of titanium dioxide for various domestic customers is increased by 1,000 yuan/ton from the original price; the price of titanium dioxide for various foreign customers is increased by US$120/ton from the original price.

    The latest offer of Hunan Chuangda Yutu Titanium Dioxide


    On March 25th, Hunan Chuangda Yutu Chemical Co., Ltd. produced 15,000 tons of anatase titanium dioxide per year. The latest price of anatase jade rabbit titanium dioxide is 16,800 yuan/ton.


    The latest quotation of Shanghai Yantai Industrial Titanium Dioxide


    On March 25, Shanghai Yantai Industrial Co., Ltd., the latest price of Ningbo Xinfu rutile titanium dioxide distributed by the company was 20,500 yuan/ton. The latest quotation of Haifengxin rutile titanium dioxide distributed is 19,000 yuan/ton.


    The latest quotation of Jinan Yuxing Chemical Titanium Dioxide


    On March 24, the current titanium dioxide enterprises mainly export orders, and the foreign trade export market maintains good growth. The domestic spot market is very tight. Holders are obviously waiting and reluctant to sell, and the price of new orders gradually rises. Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co., Ltd., the latest price of rutile titanium dioxide is 19,500 yuan/ton.


    Panzhihua City Hengyu Industry and Trade Titanium Concentrate Latest Quotation


    On March 24, Panzhihua City Hengyu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., 10 titanium concentrate, the latest price of 2250 yuan / ton.


    National Titanium Technology Titanium Concentrate Latest Price


    On March 24, Panzhihua Guotai Technology Co., Ltd., 10 titanium concentrate, the latest price of 2250 yuan / ton.


    According to the data, the scientific name of titanium dioxide is titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is a white inorganic pigment with the best opacity, non-toxicity, best brightness and whiteness, and is considered to be the best performance in the world so far. White inorganic pigments are widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking, rubber, chemical fibers and cosmetics. Among them, coatings are the most important downstream industry, accounting for more than 50% of titanium dioxide applications.


    my country is the world's largest country in the production and consumption of titanium dioxide. Huizheng Information has learned through consulting data that there are more than 3,000 active and surviving companies in my country whose keywords include "titanium dioxide", but most of them have relatively large production capacities. Small, there is a big gap with overseas giants.


    The top five companies in the foreign titanium dioxide industry are: Chemours, Tenuo, Venator, Connors and Ineos, with a total production capacity of 3.825 million tons. Chemours ranks first in the world with a production capacity of 1.37 million tons. Only Chemours abroad has new capacity, and almost all of the new capacity in the global titanium dioxide industry comes from China.


    According to customs data, in January 2021, China's titanium dioxide export was about 106,700 tons, an increase of 3.67% year-on-year, and a month-on-month increase of 4.55%; China's titanium dioxide export in February was about 94,400 tons, an increase of 32.58% year-on-year, and a month-on-month decrease of 11.49%; 1 Cumulative exports in February were about 201,100 tons, a year-on-year increase of 15.50%, and cumulative exports from January to February 2020 increased by 27,000 tons.


    Among them, the top three countries in the export volume of titanium dioxide are: India, Brazil, and South Korea; they account for 13%, 9%, and 7% of the total export volume respectively.

    The upstream raw material of titanium dioxide is titanium concentrate, which is widely used downstream.


    The price of upstream titanium concentrate rose by 53% from June 2020 to February 2021. Downstream coatings, automotive paints and other fields are all applications of titanium dioxide. In 2020, the sales area of commercial housing nationwide was 1.761 billion square meters, a year-on-year increase of 2.60%; the recent price hikes in the coatings industry have been soaring, and the price of titanium concentrates has also continued to rise.


    It is understood that the titanium industry chain is mainly divided into two. More than 90% of the world's titanium concentrate is used to produce titanium dioxide for chemical coatings, and its industrial chain is: titanium concentrate→titanium tetrachloride→titanium dioxide.


    About 5% of titanium concentrate is used to make sponge titanium, which is further processed into titanium. Its industrial chain is: titanium concentrate→titanium tetrachloride→sponge titanium→titanium ingot/titanium alloy→titanium material.


    The upstream of the two industrial sectors share mineral resources such as ilmenite and rutile.


    Under the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020 and the anti-globalization trend, the aerospace and industrial fields where 90% of titanium materials are used have been hit hard. Overcapacity on the supply side has caused the price of sponge titanium to drop all the way. To the low point of July, the price range of domestic titanium sponge titanium market for Grade 1 was between RMB 48,000 and RMB 50,000 per ton. Compared with February's 80-81 thousand yuan/ton, the price has dropped by nearly 40%. However, since August, the downstream market has recovered, leading companies have begun to raise prices, and the industry has ushered in a reversal.


    According to Huizheng Information, the price of sponge titanium has been raised to 68,000 yuan/ton on March 26, returning to the April 2020 level, and the transaction price has also reached a new high this year. Downstream Baoji titanium processing and production enterprises have increased the price of titanium materials one after another, with an average increase of 20-30 yuan/kg for various materials.


    Titanium is a silver-white transition metal with excellent physical and chemical properties such as high melting point, high specific strength, good biocompatibility, and strong corrosion resistance. It is currently widely used in high-end aerospace, defense and military industries, medical biology and petrochemical industries. field. The more well-known products include aircraft fuselages, spacecraft and their engines, and artificial bones.


    As the upstream raw material of titanium products such as titanium materials, sponge titanium is prepared by the thermal reduction reaction of titanium tetrachloride and metallic magnesium. In the near future, with the overall increase in the price of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the titanium industry chain, the price of sponge titanium is expected to rise further.

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