Price Analysis (Update on 2017-12-11)

Sodium Hydroxide

CAS No. : 1310-73-2

Reference Price

$800 /MT (Previous Price)

$795 /MT (Current Price)

  • 2017-12-11The sodium hydroxide market was weak. The price in Northwest China would probably drop. Some large factories already decreased the price. The inventory in Shanxi market was sufficient, so Shanxi did not purchase much from Shandong market. It would lead to the price drop in Northwest China and Shandong. Other markets would keep stable. The reference price was $795/mt FOB Qingdao.Detail
  • 2017-12-04The Shandong market was stable. In the northwest, prices were high for previous orders, and they varied from order to order now. The downstream players waited and saw. Some downstream enterprises were closed under big pressure due to the previous high purchasing price. As it is near the end of the year, they do not have the intention to resume production. As a result, there were not many transactions. It is expected that the short-term sodium hydroxide market will stay weak with down trend in some areas. Detail
  • 2017-11-27The Chinese sodium hydroxide market was adjusted partially. Shandong market went down again. As the down trend was apparent, players tended to wait and see, and the downstream players tried to lower the price. The transaction condition was still not good. So it is expected that the price this week will drop marginally. The reference price for sodium hydroxide was $810/mt FOB Qingdao.Detail
  • 2017-11-20Currently, high-concentration caustic soda was stable in Shandong. However, as Shandong Jinling units restarted, the local 50% caustic soda would go down. In the northwest, price dropped since last week. In East and South China, downstream was in moderate demand, but the cost was high. Factories’pre-orders were scheduled until end of December, and there were not many new cargos in the market. It is expected that the market will keep stable. The reference price was $850/mt FOB Qingdao.Detail
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