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    SIFF EXPO will return in May next year

    Echemi 2020-10-10

    According to the official website of the exhibition, the 2021 11th Shanghai International Flavors and Fragrances Exhibition (SIFF EXPO 2021) will be held from May 13-15, 2021, at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing.

    Range of exhibition

    1. Fragrance: natural flavors/synthetic flavors (extracts, absolutes, oleoresins, tinctures/animal flavors), rosin, turpentine, synthetic flavors, plant extracts, monomer flavor raw materials, heterocyclic flavors, long leaf ene, pinium Ene series and forest chemical products, flavor and fragrance intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.;

    2. Essence: used in freshener, washing, toothpaste, cosmetics, hair dye, shampoo, soap, candle craft, mosquito coil, dye, plastic, rubber and other industries;

    3. Essential oils, hydrosols: beauty and body oils, aromatherapy essential oils, single essential oils, compound essential oils, base oils, traditional Chinese medicine oils, absolute oils, flower essences, vegetable oils, hydrosols, perfumes, various aromatherapy products, etc.;

    4. Food and medicine flavors and fragrances: medicinal raw materials, additives, medicinal oils, food/tobacco flavors and fragrances, pharmaceutical intermediates, menthol, peppermint oil, clove oil, eugenol, borneol, spice fine chemicals, etc.;

    5. Space fragrance equipment: space diffuser/humidification equipment, hotel fragrance equipment, household aromatherapy machine, space environment fragrance design, aromatherapy equipment and appliances, etc.;

    6. Related application equipment: drying/sterilization equipment, distillation equipment, extraction equipment, ultrasonic extraction equipment, concentration, mixing/homogenization equipment, automatic weighing and filling equipment, bottled, barreled, packaging equipment and materials, testing And analytical instruments, various fluid pipe fittings, pump valves, etc.

    Exhibition influence

    As a grand event for the flavor and fragrance industry in the Chinese market, Shanghai International Fragrance and Fragrance Exhibition is based in Shanghai and radiates across the country. It is a procurement exchange platform for many industries such as daily chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beauty and skin care, personal care, and aromatherapy. The exhibition brings together new sales information and high-quality domestic and international buyers, and will hold a series of seminars with the theme of "Flavor and Fragrance Production and Sales Matchmaking Conference" to seek new business opportunities for the industry chain.

    Affected by the new crown epidemic, the 2020 Shanghai International Flavors and Fragrances Exhibition was forced to cancel.

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