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The 7th International Fragrance Exhibition will be held in Shanghai next April

Echemi 2020-10-26

Dear colleagues in the industry:


According to the latest research report of Market Research Future (MRFR), the compound annual growth rate of the global essential oil market is expected to reach 7.5% during the forecast period from 2019 to 2024. According to MRFR, by 2024, the valuation of this market is expected to reach US$12.74 billion. Essential oils have been widely used in many industries such as food and beverages, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. During the forecast period, the demand for natural essential oils in the food and beverage and personal care product industries continues to grow, which will become the main driving force of the global essential oil market. The growing organic food industry has also driven the demand for the essential oil market. Some essential oils also exhibit antibacterial and antifungal properties, as well as healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The use of natural ingredients instead of traditional synthetic chemicals is promoted by regulations and consumers' awareness of environmental protection. Increasingly, this also provides more driving force for the expansion of global essential oils. Under the premise that the new crown epidemic is sweeping the world, Chinese aroma companies have discovered new development directions and have developed a large number of disinfection products, respiratory system, immune system and health applications. This fully reflects the vitality of the domestic aroma industry development and leads The new growth point of my country's aromatic industry.


With the theme of "creating a new format of aromatherapy, winning a new healthy and beautiful future" and the development goal of "aroma blending into life, aroma leading life", the 7th Aroma Exhibition will be held in Shanghai on April 9-11, 2021. Sourcing held at the Exhibition Center. The Aromatic Exhibition has always been centered on the whole aromatic industry ecological chain including the cultivation of aromatic plants, extraction equipment and technology, the application of essential oils, and cultural heritage and innovation. Exhibitors concentrated on the most comprehensive, innovative and cutting-edge technology products to display, and it has grown to Such as the most influential exhibition and exchange platform in my country, it is hailed as the "No.


Looking back at 2020, under the premise of the epidemic, set sail against the wind and brave the waves


With the new crown epidemic sweeping the world, the sixth fragrance exhibition was successfully held. The exhibition area of this year's fragrance exhibition is 10,000 square meters, and there are more than 260 companies involved in the fields of aromatic plant cultivation, extraction equipment, essential oils, hydrosols, space fragrances, pure plant care, health management institutions, aromatherapy education and training, and fragrance culture. To display, and from daily chemical companies, professional theaters, aromatherapists, hotels, high-end clubs, food and beverage processing companies, health care products companies, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, scientific research institutes, tobacco processing companies, health management institutions, sports and fitness Institutions, cultural communication agencies, home furnishings, maternal and child centers, pet centers, elderly care centers, zero resistance agriculture, automobile 4S shops, e-commerce, raw materials dealers, media, business associations and other industry enterprises and institutions totaled more than 14,000 professional visitors to gather for exchanges. In addition, more than 2,000 ordinary people participated, which further accelerated the pace of aromatic integration into daily life.


The exhibition was held concurrently with the professional application of aromatherapy in the fields of chronic disease management, anti-virus, space environment fragrance, SPA hydrotherapy, and Chinese medicine aromatherapy clinical application, such as the application trend of aroma industry and the construction of Chinese (Chinese medicine) aromatherapy knowledge system. A combination of forward-looking industry forums and interviews; the aroma industry commercialization process summit provides the aroma industry with information in more areas such as investment, law, branding, and e-commerce. At the same time, Qinghai Normal University, Shanghai Jiaotong University Aromatic Plant Research Center, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other universities participated in the joint participation of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau characteristic aromatic plant resources, essential oil safety and application, Chinese medicine essential oil research, space environmental fragrance design and market and other scientific research achievements. There are a total of four major themes and twelve research topics in sharing and transformation. More than 30 new product and new technology release events are broad in direction and rich in content, including the core technologies and representative products of leading companies in the fragrance industry. The content includes smart fragrance equipment, fragrance Internet APP, Chinese medicine aromatherapy integration and mature model output, etc. We provide platforms and services for enterprises, only to win greater awareness of the fragrance market. In order to achieve the early realization of guiding the multi-channel application of aromatics, promoting the maturity and transformation of technology, promoting the development of traditional Chinese medicine essential oils, accelerating the commercialization of the aroma industry, promoting the application and investment of aromatic products in the fields of health management and home environment, and achieving important goals such as reserve industry talents Provided a positive boost.


Looking forward to 2021, mutual growth and harmony, co-construction and sharing, empowerment and co-creation


The 7th Aromatic Exhibition will comprehensively highlight the promotion of product transactions through exhibitions, conferences and forums to guide industry development trends, platform effects to promote the transformation of scientific research results, technology applications combined with brand research and development, and aromatherapy training to expand the market and education. The characteristics of mutual promotion. At the same time, it covers more participatory, interactive, and experiential activities, guides the integration of aroma and health care industry, and realizes the development goal of "aroma in life·Aroma leads life" faster, and helps my country's great health strategy to be realized as soon Provide an effective driving force to comprehensively promote the development of my country's aromatic industry.


Sincerely invite to join the grand event

Here, we sincerely invite companies and practitioners in the fragrance industry to actively participate, gather the essence of aromatic plants with us, create a beautiful and healthy blue ocean, lead the trend of industrial technology, and participate in the grand event of the fragrance industry.


The conference intends to invite participating industries and representatives

Planting bases, manufacturers, traders, application companies, hospitals, clinics, health management institutions, beauty SPA, hot spring spas, media, scientific research institutions, industry organizations, experts and scholars, doctors, aroma therapists, daily chemical formulators, entrepreneurs , Financiers, etc.

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