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Zhejiang Jusheng Fluorochemical Co., Ltd.
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Juhua Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Quzhou Chemical Plant, was founded in May 1958. In order to change the situation that Zhejiang Province had a weak chemical industry foundation and the need for fertilizers for agricultural development at that time, according to Chairman Mao Zedong’s instructions, Jiang Hua, the first secretary of the Provincial Party Committee’s concern The first large-scale chemical joint enterprise in Zhejiang Province was established with support. In August 1984, it was renamed Quzhou Chemical Industry Company. In 1993, the State Economic and Trade Commission approved the establishment of Juhua Group Company. In May 2017, the company was restructured into Juhua Group Co., Ltd. The company was changed from an enterprise owned by the whole people to a wholly state-owned limited liability company. After more than 60 years of entrepreneurial development, Juhua has become a large-scale chemical complex in the country, the country's largest fluorine chemical advanced manufacturing base and the largest chemical base in Zhejiang Province. With 10,000 employees, the main production base is located in Quzhou City, and the production area covers an area of ​​5 square kilometers. The company's main chemical industry covers fluorine chemicals, chlor-alkali chemicals, petrochemical materials, electronic chemical materials, fine chemicals, etc., and participates in the construction of a 40 million tons/year green petrochemical project in Zhoushan. Owns two public companies and a financial company, Juhua Stock [600160] and Huajiang Technology [837187]. The group has 1432 R&D personnel, 2 national-level R&D institutions, 15 provincial-level R&D institutions, 16 national-level high-tech enterprises, and high-tech products account for 50%. It is a national circular economy pilot unit, a national circular economy work advanced unit, a national circular economy education demonstration base, a national circular transformation demonstration pilot park, the first batch of national “integration of industrialization and industrialization” system standard implementation pilot units, and the first batch of “three people” in Zhejiang Province Cultivating enterprises, Zhejiang trademark demonstration enterprises. In recent years, Juhua has adhered to the new development concept in accordance with the decisions and deployment of the provincial party committee and government, focusing on high quality, competitiveness, and modernization, and promoted transformation and upgrading, innovative development, and achieved remarkable results. In 2019, Juhua achieved operating income of 32.164 billion yuan, profits of 1.160 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 1.880 billion yuan, and net assets of 13.433 billion yuan. Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People’s Congress and former Minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, spoke highly of the development of Juhua, praising Juhua as a dazzling pearl embedded in the land of western Zhejiang in the history of the development of China’s chemical industry, and a state-owned chemical enterprise reform and development. A flag. In the next step, Juhua will resolutely reform and innovate, open up and develop, promote the spirit of the new era of self-reliance, self-confidence, cohesion, and aggregation. With the vision of becoming a respected enterprise, it will vigorously develop new materials and new energy. , New Environmental Protection, New Material Trade and other “Four New” industries, accelerate the construction of global advanced manufacturing bases, and strive to build a strong, superior, and large-scale, and strive to create a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.
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