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35948-25-5 Inquiry


35948-25-5 Inquiry


35948-25-5 Inquiry

Stannous octoate

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tributoxyethyl phosphate

78-51-3 Inquiry
Company Profile
Zhejiang Wansheng Co., Ltd. is one of the most important organophosphorus flame retardant producers in China and has won the following titles: Key Hi-tech Enterprise of the National Torch Program, Zhejiang Hi-tech Enterprise and Zhejiang Innovative Pilot Enterprise. Currently, the flame retardant products of our company include flexible polyurethane foam flame retardant, rigid polyurethane foam flame retardant, engineering plastics flame retardant, soft PVC flame retardant, epoxy resin flame retardant and so on, with an annual production capacity of organophosphorus flame retardant series products of over 30,000 tons and polymer polyol reaching 10,000 tons, 50% of the products are for exporting to more than 20 countries and areas, such as America, Europe, South America, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. Regional sales centers have been set in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shandong. Our company values technological innovation and develops a R&D team strong in technology. Now we have more than 10 researchers with senior and intermediate professional titles and we have set up one technology center and two labs. Moreover, we also maintain close strategic cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology. In 2003, we have successfully carried out ISO9001 Quality Management System, improved quality inspection system and purchased a set of advanced quality inspection equipment to guarantee the stability of product quality; at the same time, we also stress environmental protection and have passed ISO14000 certification. With the mission of“leading the flame retardant industry and keeping pace with the world”, our company sticks to the operation concept of“building enterprise differentiation advantage based on scale advantage, enhancing integrated production-leaning-researching development driven by technological innovation”, follows the enterprise spirit of“stable, honest, innovative, practical, professional and excellent”, bases ourselves on organophosphorus flame retardant industry, constantly improve organophosphorus flame retardant product performance, constantly expand the applicable scope of organophosphorus flame retardant and regard constant promotion of the sustainable development of organophosphorus flame retardant as the corporate responsibility and mission. By fully utilizing nearly ten years’experience in flame retardant industry and with the guidance of market demand, our company is devoted to the research and development as well as sales of green and environment friendly organophosphorus flame retardant while being driven by technological innovation. In addition, we make full use of our advantages in organophosphorus flame retardant market, technology and human resources, and strive to develop our company into an important world supplier of organophosphorus flame retardant through constant enhanced development of enterprise technology and marketing network construction. We will do our part in building a green and environment friendly, safe and harmonious living environment.
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